[Daily Mixes] Static Playlists


[Daily Mixes] Static Playlists

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United States of America


Lenovo Legion Y520

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Are the daily mix playlists supposed to be static playlists?

In the Windows 10 desktop application in the Made For You tab of the Your Library section of the sidebar, my daily mixes are all static playlists (their contents may change daily) that end when their last track plays.

For comparison, I will include a link to a daily mix currently included in my 'Made for you' tab, and as much information about an older daily mix I found in my recently played tab.


Current Daily Mix : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1E388P8q5lSiov

Older Daily Mix: When I cursor over it in the application, the ... bubble was missing.


Disclaimer: I have tried uninstalling the application, then restarting my computer, then reinstalling the application, and then restarting my computer before making this.


Printscreen image dump:


RecentlyPlayed_2.pngAn image capture of the newer daily mix having multiple options from recently played.DailyMix_New.pngAn image capture of the newer daily mix not having dislike / don't play track or don't play artist.DailyMix_Old.pngAn image capture of the older daily mix havind dislike / don't play track or artist options.DailyMix_Old_2.pngAn image capture displaying the gradient present in the older daily mix indicataive of the dynamic contents of the playlist.RecentlyPlayed.pngAn image capture of the older daily mix not having a ... bubble option to provide a link to to playlist.MadeForYou_Current.pngAn image capture of my current Made For You tab.DailyMix_New_2.pngAn image capture of the bottom of the newer daily mix, without indication of dynamic contentsalso lack the ablity to like/dislike tracks, or to not include certain tracks or artists.


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Re: [Daily Mixes] Static Playlists

Casual Listener

Upon further examination of my situation during normal use, my issue remains. I also recogniseed further differences between the older and newer available playlists. The older and more functional playlists have the different subtexts for the playlists than the static playlists that are only updated daily.


The older, preffered playlist format has the "Your favorite music, plus new discoveries you'll love. Always fresh. Featuring **artists** and more. Made for **username** by Spotify **dot** Endless Mix" subtext.


The newer, less preffered playlist format only has "**artists** and more Made for **username** by Spotify **dot** 50 songs, **playlist playlength**" as the subtext.


This issue would be resolved if the "Made For You" tab of the "YOUR LIBRARY" section of the side bar had the "Your Daily Mixes" section link to the endless mixes instead of the playlists with a derterminite length, as the endless mixes have more options for choosing what content does or doesn't belong, and doesn't require user input for restarting the playlist after the 50th track finishes, as the presently linked playlists would require.


It is just frustrating that I only have acces to only one of the endless mixes, when they are supposed to be what populates the "Your Daily Mixes" section of the "Made For You" section instead of the static playlists, when the 'endless mix' playlist still updates its thumbnail and content.


Re: [Daily Mixes] Static Playlists

Casual Listener

Issue remains unresolved.