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Daily Mixes don't show up anymore

Daily Mixes don't show up anymore




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Windows 10


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I don't have any daily mixes anymore. I already only had 2 or 1, then it dropped to 1. I thought it was normal but now I have NONE. I listen to a wide range of music. Also missing on my phone (LG G4). Hope this gets fixed ASAP.

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Hi @Kakakutay,


Thanks for bringing this up in the community. That doesn't seem right at all. Have you tried any clean re-installations of the app on your devices? This could be a glitch in the current version that just happens to be making itself apparent to you. If you use social media, you could try contacting SpotifyCares on Facebook or Twitter. If you have been transferring content from an old account to a new one, the process of daily mix generation can take roughly two weeks. 



Hope this helps!





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