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Delete radio station


Delete radio station


I accidentally added a radio station for someone I really didn't want to but can't find a way to delete them from my list

Can anyone please help and tell me how to?
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Here you go, and thanks for helping out.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 10.29.41 AM.jpg

Is that the first station in your list? I din't know why but I can't delete my first station but I can delete all the others - go figure 🙂

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I remember someone telling me about this when the feature was first added. Due to the way Spotify handles the radio stations, you always have to have at least one. If you create a new station, you will then be able to remove that one.

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That explains it. Thanks... Not impressed at all with the software, but your answer provided the solution...
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YAY!!!!!! I just realized you can delete radio stations! Woo hoo! Thank you spotify for listening!!

That is such lazy coding!

How about deleting any station until there is only one left instead of not allowing you to delete the first one in the list!!!


Or even allow you to reorder the list.



For a short while one could delete radio stations. This is 2016 and it's not as easy as you might think to delete stations. Spotify has a very deep catalog but they don't listen to subscribers

ther was a option to delete, whit mouse over station you see a X in upper corner but now it is gone so i cant delete no stations anymore Need to delete or i wil stop and look for a other music provider!

realy stupid! let me delet my radio station! 

the program “updated” itself as usual so now there’s no “X” do delete radio stations. and naturally S. doesn’t work for several days after it updates itself. S. is not goning to fix the radio station business. they’re so out of it.

Now we can't delete stations again. What's up?

Have now totally given up on Spotify because of this incompetence - using Apple instead now.

Spotify, can you please at least let us know if this issue will be solved??

I left spotify and this was one of the primary reasons as to why ... to
many options to put up with lack of service

Wow **bleep**

The more I use spotify, the less I like it.

Can't delete radio stations. Can't Unlike or Un-dislike songs. So many stupid things you can't do. 

If your music algorythm wasn't so good I would be using a different radio app. 

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