[Desktop] Allow USB adapters to play songs on PC

[Desktop] Allow USB adapters to play songs on PC


Ok so I recently bought a pair of JBL Quantum headphones and the normal aux cord and the USB adapter works just fine on my PC. However when I went to use Spotify using the USB adapter it would not play. I did some fiddling around and googled some possible solutions and it turns out that Spotify will NOT play any music when it doesn't detect speaker. This is really weird because everything else on my PC is heard when I use the adapter, it is recognized as a headset and everything plays normally. I would really like it if Spotify also acknowledged USB adapters when connected to a headset.

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Hey @Recov04 ,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


Your USB headphones should be usable with Spotify. Could you double check that they are set as the default playback device for your PC and if it has that setting - also for music apps? 


If that doesn't do the trick it's a good idea to check if toggling Hardware acceleration on/off makes a difference. You can find this option in the Advanced settings menu in the desktop app.


Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.

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If the previously posted solutions don't work for you and spotify still isn't detecting your headphons one option that might work for you might be to use VB-Audio's software.

They have a range of donation ware [you can try for free] audio mixers which create virtual audio devices on your computer, including virtual inputs and outputs [their software comes in a range of levels with increasing numbers of inputs and outputs as you go up in complexity].
The advantage is you may be able to get spotify to recognize the virtual device, and then the VB-Audio software will output THAT to your headphones [or anything else you use].
The software is often used by streamers/gamers to balance the levels between different audio sources.

It's a hacky patch it with ductape way around fixing the problem but if soptify has just decided it doesn't like the drivers of your particular headphones [or something like that] then this would allow you to bypass that issue, with a bunch of optional added functionality on top.... It's an option to consider at least.

Otherwise general advice like making sure your drivers are up-to-date [potentially check to see if you are using ones from manufacturer or from windows updates. Windows updates are generally ok but sometimes manufacturer own will work better, your millage may vary.] and you don't have any pending windows updates and haven't restarted, plus the advice from the previous poster.

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