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Desktop App Terrible; Won't Continue Paying For Premium

Desktop App Terrible; Won't Continue Paying For Premium

The Premium Spotify Desktop App on my Win10 pc fails constantly. The radio feature is incredibly buggy and organizing my playlists is very time consuming. I wanted to try this out for a month, but I regret paying the $9.99 and I will definitely be canceling. Here are some specifics:

The launcher bugs out and won't let me pause/play/rate/skip/scan tracks at times. Even restarting the app doesn't work. Sometimes the radio just doesn't work. It says "can't play that now" or some such nonsense. For $10 a month, you play when I want, or I walk away.

There is also an important feature missing. I cannot add artists to radio stations I create. Of course Pandora has had this feature for like a decade. Now you might argue that Spotify is not meant to be a radio app. Fine, then make it easier to organize my playlists (and why are songs added to playlists not automatically added to my library???). This isn't Skyrim. I don't want to play "Inventory Management Simulator 2018" just to listen to a decent playlist.

Also, why is so much music missing that was here 5 years ago? I mean, almost all of Nightwish's first 10 years worth of albums are just gone. I don't get it. And I'm not going to pay for it. Maybe my standards are too high. I don't think they are. It's 2018. Get yo ish together.

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