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[Desktop][Other] Desktop App Redownloads Songs After HDD Defrag

[Desktop][Other] Desktop App Redownloads Songs After HDD Defrag

I was troubleshooting my PC and ran a defrag of one of my hard drives that the Spotify music downloads folder is on and after the defrag, the Spotify Desktop App auto switched my defaults to my SSD that Windows 10 is on which is limited in space. So I quickly changed the default back to where it was supposed to be, restarted the desktop app, and now it doesn't see ANY of the over 4,000 tracks I had downloaded. That's over 30 gigs of songs and having slower internet speeds, that's going to take about a day to redownload. The information was not deleted, I can open the folder and it's all still there. But the desktop app will not recognize the info and is redownloading. This is extremely inconvenient and I can't figure out how to make it not do this.

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