Desktop Player freezes when I try to play any song

Desktop Player freezes when I try to play any song






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Windows 7


Desktop Player

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When I start the desktop app it shows that I'm listening to nothing, then when I try to play some song, it freezes in 0:00, sometimes it shows the song image, and following that, it doesn't load any playlist or tab, like radio, or even preferences. If I click to close the Spotify the window minimizes, but the app still working in the taskbar, and right-click doesn't show anything. Trying to open again (with the app on the taskbar), it shows "The Spotify application is not responding". It is happening since yesterday.


I tried doing a clean reinstalling (clean = deleting %appdata% and %localappdata% Spotify folders), I tried doing a clear uninstalling, restarting my computer and, after that installing again, I tried restarting my internet, nothing sees to work.

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