[Desktop][Podcasts] Improve performance for video podcasts on windows


[Desktop][Podcasts] Improve performance for video podcasts on windows


Improve performance for video podcasts on windows. While streaming video podcast in full screen, playback stops for no obvious reason (home wifi, intel core i7, 32GB RAM). Either video stops and sound continues, or both are paused for several seconds. after clicking on pause/play, it takes several seconds until app reacts. clicking on progress bar also causes pause for several seconds.

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[Desktop][Podcasts] Windows 10. Joe Rogan podcast


First thing: it's a maze to find out how to post something here. Not even sure if im posting in the right place now!?

Second: There should be an option to pick what system I am struggling on. In my case it's the desktop app. When i am searching for solutions I get up everything from IOs, appleTV, samsungTV and everything between. I have to dig through endless pages of subjects on phones and smart tv's, and maybe I am lucky to find something regarding the desktop app.


To the main problem..


As a long time viewer of the Joe Rogan podcast I am baffled that i can't watch it any more because it seems it is not optimized at all for spotify. 

I want to be able to watch the video. But every time i start an episode, it either won't start at all, it stops 10-15mins into the episode and just suddenly stops. If I can restart the episode I can't use the timeline bar to jump back to the point it stopped, it is grayed out as if nothing is playing. I have to do one or all of the following things depending what mood the spotify app is in that day: Restart spotify, reinstall spotify, restart my computer. And i have to redo these steps every 10-15mins.

I can't find any options to download the episode either.


I do not use VPN while trying to play the episodes, but why shouldn't i be able to?

Why can't i play this from every location in every country?


The whole exlusive deal seems like a shitshow from the endusers view, and its sad that the biggest podcast suffers from these problems. 

And it's even sader that spotify was not prepared for this and STILL struggle with a bunch of problems regarding this podcast in particular.

Re: [Desktop][Podcasts] Windows 10. Joe Rogan podcast


I experience very similar things. Long, long, time Rogan listener/watcher AND I hate the spotify player so much I stopped. I'm trying to watch the newer Lex Fridmen right now. Anyways, I got frustrated enough to come here and complain.


Win 10 Desktop -

#1 Every time a banner ad loads, the videos stops playing to load the stupid banner.

#2 Video randomly stops playing and closes. Doesn't save my location in the video. (ads seem to cause sometimes)

#3 being stuck to 2 video size option blows, I use to be able to watch the show while doing other things on my computer, the spotify player makes this too difficult.

#4 I never use to have to listen to Rogans ads on the Video side. Which is probably the ONLY thing I appreciate about the spotify player is I can jump to the end of each ad.

Why when everything else on my computer loads and works fine does spotify lag and get choppy? My internet connection is fine.



SPOTIFY... get**bleep** together! Spend some money on your stupid APP! or people like me will find another route!

Re: [Desktop][Podcasts] Windows 10. Joe Rogan podcast


Agree, this need a fix. 

Adding some info for the tech,

I'm running Windows, did a complete uninstall of spotify (Even checked that spotify folder was deleted in %appdata%) Downloaded the latest version of Spotify 

When running VPN I can listen to Music and podcast, but as soon as there is video involved it's no-go.
Disconnecting the VPN "fixes" the problem with video feed.


P.S Understand the problem with geo jumping for explicit locked content. But it's feels like a big middle finger for all users who cares about using encrypted connection for personal integrity. From reading the forums there are alot of people who also are connected to a VPN in the same country as they live in. 

[Podcasts] Make a Joe Rogan web video player that works


It's absurd that I have to ask the community for answers when you knuckleheads made the app. The Joe Rogan video player on the web spotify doesn't work, or works terribly when it does play. Stick to music, or make videos that run normally in chrome. Youtube is running circles around you guys, and that's free.

[Desktop][Podcasts] Video Streaming buffering Issues (Joe Rogan)


I have a 500up/down and I am still experiencing streaming buffering issues watching Joe Rogan podcast, worse is you don't see any notification that the streaming is buffering, you just see a frozen image.