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[Desktop] Reinstate Artists Bio

[Desktop] Reinstate Artists Bio

Gone, ceased to be, expired and gone to see his maker like a dead parrot!!


If this IDEA SUBMISSION sounds like a rant is because, well, it is.

I cannot start to think who and why would even consider doing that.

Updates are often annoying, you have to spend hours to try do the thing you've always enjoyed doing before: it's like walking into your old car and find that the clutch, the handbrake, the headlights are all in the wrong places.

But this is an important feature that just disappeared overnight.

I can live with restyling and annoying upgrades but this is a major downgrade.

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I have actually found where the Artist bio had gone... at the bottom of the central (title) column after the popular songs, the artist pick, the discography, after the albums that features the artist, after "fans also like", after "appears on", after the artists playlists: but... why? Was it too easy to click? Did it clash with your aesthetics? Did not match the new pretty colours? 

🙂 thx, I was googling to see where the artist bio had gone, and your post helped me find it.

great. it took me a while 😄

Another great example of how hard Spotify works to make their UX worse.

Bios are back but now long dead artists are posting their own bios.  Frank Zappa (d. 1993), Aaliyah (d. 2001), Janis Joplin (d. 1970), etc. Time machine?

Spotify.. WAKE UP AND LISTEN TO YOUR USERS! The new desktop update is straight hot garbage.  The fact I had to Google how to find Artist info is embarrassing.  Not to mention it appears you want to be Pandora circa 2000.  All that the UI now shows is 1st off Podcasts (which i don't even use Spotify to listen to podcast) or "Made for you". Some of the made for you playlists are cool, but what happened to the easy access of New Releases? I'm pretty sure die hard music fans want to see new music and especially new music from our favorite artists, but this is now buried.  Man, Pandora is looking better and better these days.

To see the Bio, it is a lot of scrolling and a couple of clicks to see the Bio. I'm using that functionality all the time when browsing around - to see other bands the members had played in and find related artists/bands. Please move it to the top again, or at least have a link from the top. And remove that lame popup that lame pop-up..

Thanks for this!

Hey've succeeded in making something that had been very easy more difficult.  And WHY?   Did one of your system designers simply take the "initiative" and do this on their own, or was it a cluster of them??

Finally - isn't there a way for you to communicate such events to your listeners?  Perhaps ask the same initiative guy to come up with something.  I thank you.

For the love of all that is holy I thought it was 86'd.  Next someone will tell me MOG was never consumed by Beats then Apple then killed.

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