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[Desktop] Spotify is skipping all the songs


[Desktop] Spotify is skipping all the songs







Operating System

Win10 64bit


My Question or Issue

Spotify is skipping all of the songs. On the top bar there is blue message saying that The song cannot be played right now. Situation has been the same for about a month now.


Logging in - is fine, "friends" tab - is fine, I can see who is listening to what. Can see new album releases and updated playlists. Only the songs are not playing 😞


1) New soundcard drivers

2) Reinstalling Spotify

3) Updating Java/Flash

4) Checking hosts file

5) Web player and android / tv / amplituner - all working fine

6) When imported local files they do play just fine...

7) Tried completely disabling Windows Defender - nothing

😎Tried running on VPN - nothing

9) Tried changing various setting in Spotify itself - nothing

I'm out of ideas - please help...

Tried everything there is on web, without any luck.

Followed this thread and also nothing:

Edit: after logging in with a different account (created new one) it works just fine... Go figure, huh? Of course I want to remain on my old account with all the playlists and friends and stuff so that's not the solution Im looking for


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Until this is really fixed, you can try to start Spotify as administrator. That worked for me.

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Until this is really fixed, you can try to start Spotify as administrator. That worked for me.

Well what do you know, that helped, thanks!


I'm still expecting Spotify team to fix this issue

This is not a solution and I don't know why it was marked as such, not nice. It's a walkaround at most

Same issue!!! Infuriating - scan someone from @Spotify answer pls???

This happened to me too today. Suddenly no songs will play in Spotify on my desktop Windows 10 PC.


So must be something wrong on Spotify's end!


The run as administrator thing did the trick for me but is not a permanent solution so this needs to be fixed!

Hi everybody.

This solution doesn't work in my Pc. The same issue and can't use the client app.

Really s uc ks.  only on web player works my account.


I've got the same problem. It plays music when starting as administrator or switch to another device (headset) and then pressing play and switch back also works. But next time starting the app, i had to repeat it.

This is not a solution for us. I cannot login as administrator. The PC is shared and we have multiple accounts on the PC and on Spotify. 

We have the same problem on Windows 7. 

Spotify skipping all songs on Windows 7 PC. Plays nothing.

  • I cannot play any song. Spotify just keeps skipping through all songs rapidly.
  • If I start the Spotify app as Administrator, it works.
  • We have Spotify Premium accounts. 

I cannot give Administrator password to my son or anyone else using the PC.
He has Spotify Premium account as well. And since May (?) he cannot play his music on the PC. 

We have tried multiple workarounds, reinstalling, pretty much all we've been able to find. Same behavior.


Please advice and fix. 

You can create a shortcut with admin privileges for other users.

Try this:

After digging through multiple posts and trying multiple solutions to this problem, this was the one that did it for me.

Do you happen to have a soundcard with S/DPIF connection? I'm noticing many users with the issue have Asus Xonar DGX or something similar with that connection.


Another user raised this method as a possible solution. If you have a soundcard with S/DPIF, it's worth giving a try:

1. Close Spotify
2. Enabled "S/PDIF PassThrough Device" having disabled all other devices
3. Start playing music on Spotify
4. Leave Spotify open and playing
5. Re-enable desired sound device (Speaker usually) and disable the "S/PDIF PassThrough Device"


This worked for me, I have a Xonar DX



I have a Xonar DG and this has been the only suggestion that worked for me... until I close down Spotify or restart, then I have to run through these steps again to listen to Spotify.

Hey there folks,     


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