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[Desktop] Windows 10 Asian songs playable on phone but NOT on desktop


[Desktop] Windows 10 Asian songs playable on phone but NOT on desktop



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Windows 10


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 So whenever I try to listen to Asian music on desktop Spotify a lot of times it simply won't play. It looks like this:

in the bottom of the Spotify bar. When on phone however I can listen to that same song. So it's not a problem about the music not being available in my country. When adding the song to my playlist while on phone it works. The song, however, doesn't show up in my playlist while on desktop but DOES show and is playable on phone. For example, my 1 playlist on desktop has 35 songs in it while the same playlist on phone has 42. 7 of those songs are unavailable on desktop. 

When trying to add an unplayable song to playlist while on desktop at first nothing happens but later on it will get added however still invisible on desktop but visible on phone. I tried playing a song on phone while having spotify opened on desktop. It looks like this:

Timestamps, song length is all there but when trying to then listen to desktop it goes back to blank and doesn't work. 


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