[Desktop][Your Library] The new interface is difficult to use

[Desktop][Your Library] The new interface is difficult to use


Hi there, fine folks at Spotify,


At first glance, I was rather dismayed to see the new Spotify desktop (PC) interface, but I decided to give it some time to see if it was just a case of not liking change. Well, that time has come and gone, and the answer is a resounding "nope."


I find the interface difficult to use, for several reasons:

  • It is extremely difficult to click on the correct item if one wants to click on a song or the artist of a given song--I frequently miss, and have to go back and try again;
  • Missing functionality: when adding a track to a playlist, we used to be able to use the keyboard to easily find the playlist in question by typing the first letter or two in--this is no longer possible, which is very frustrating for someone with a lot of playlists;
  • Another missing functionality: From a given playlist, one cannot go to the album a track is from just by clicking on it--one now has to click down at the bottom left;
  • Artist names and playlist titles seem to be smaller--even if this is an optical illusion, it makes the interface less user-friendly, and I find myself squinting a lot more;
  • Etc.

I liked the old interface, because it was functional (and I was used to it), but I understand that it is standard for companies to update periodically. In that case, please at least restore the features users appreciated before.


Thank you!

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For some reason, I'm seeing the fonts smaller, but I see that other users are getting larger text. From an accessibility point of view, that is great. What would be even better is for the font size to be adjustable!


The second point is driving me mad. I hope they re-introduce that type-to-find feature


I too, am very frustrated about not being able to verify if I've already added a song to one of my many playlists before adding it. I liked being able to make sure I haven't added the same song to the same playlist more than once, instead of finding out later I've already added it, and more than once! PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the old UI!!

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