Desktop and TV display different artist and track?


Desktop and TV display different artist and track?








Operating System

Windows 10

My Question or Issue

My usual way of listening to spotify is via my windows 10 Spotyfy App desktop pc and connect to my reciver (Denon AVR X2300W)  via home netvork.

The reciver then displays the inteface on the tv so i can se the artist and son playing and so on.

This has worked for years, tho not now, the TV (Samsung) and the desktop app display totaly diffrent tracks/artists almost all of the time, some times the whole duration of the song some times for several minuts and some time it actually show the correct song, i would say its wrong on either or both 50-75% of the time.


The network is cable not wifi, everything else on network works fine, there is no problem with spotify playing the track, no lag or problem with the actual sound, it is only what it display.


What annoys me lately is i have a list of new music i add reguarly add to listen more to to decide if i will keep or discard and move to a list i keep or remove, tho now when i go thrue tracks i cant be sure i delete the one im listening to as it may display a diffrent one so i have deleted alot of tracks i intended to keep and as i find new music i diffrent ways i cant always find it again...


The computer has a fresh install of Windows 10, i don that about every 6 months to keep it run well.


I first thought it was the "service" that connect to my reciver Spotify Connect or what it is called, but that can not be it because the desktop app also shows wrong track/artist.


So what to do?