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Desktop app won't update Saved Music

Desktop app won't update Saved Music






Google Pixel 3 XL, Windows 10 (Pixel 2 XL, Windows 7, Debian)

Operating System

Android Q (Android O,P)


My Question or Issue


Desktop apps won't update My Music (Saved Music). When I save something on my phone, it doesn't show up on my computers

Current versions

(W10) (Windows Store version)


This isn't exclusive for these versions. This was also happening to my W7 and Ubuntu 18 machines (installer from website and even store) with my Pixel 2 XL running Android O and later Android P.

I tried logging in and out - didn't work.

Restarting doesn't work. Reinstalling wouldn't solve it either I guess.


Specific setting that might be doing this (haven't checked):

Start minimized

Close to tray

No Proxy, No VPN

HW Accelerated


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Hey there @stepedes,

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Waiting to see how it goes 😃

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