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Desktop or Sonos disconnects because of other device??

Desktop or Sonos disconnects because of other device??

I am now seriously frustrated with Spotify. 

I have been playing spotify daily, until the new update of not allowing several devices playing simultaneously. This would be perfectly fine, but the Spotify keeps disconnecting regardless of not playing on any other device!! I have honestly deleted Spotify on my phone to not to disturb the desktop app, I have logged out from spotify itself if I play spotify on Sonos, and the latest I did was to disconnect Web player from settings.

Surprisingly Spotify decided on an update, where such an option is not visible. 


I do not know how to disconnect web player, or where it is even playing. I never need it, I just want to play music without daily disconnection.

My husband is about to buy other speakers than Sonos because he does not want to use Spotify anymore. 

What can I do to start enjoying Spotify again? 

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