Discord Listening Party Delay


Discord Listening Party Delay

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I (used to) frequently use Spotify Listening Party in Discord so I can listen to the same music as my friend.


However, as of late, whenever a song ends there is a 30-60 second delay of silence where nothing plays. After the period of silence has passed the song suddenly starts 30-60 seconds into the song.


If I host then my friend experiences this issue. If he hosts then I experience the issue. 


When I am hosting, if I look at Discord I can see that the next song has not come on in the listening party yet, despite the fact it has in my Spotify desktop app. My friend notices the same thing when the next song fails to autoplay.


The only work-around that works is quickly spamming play/pause twice when a new song starts. Obviously, this is a tedious solution.


As far as I can tell Spotify/Discord has been unable to answer why this occurs but it only seems to be a recent bug when I look at other threads. (where the same issue occurs with listening along, as well as reddit posts about both). And unfortunately there have been no support replies.


I hope this issue is resolved soon as we tend to use Spotify a lot over Discord and it has been disappointing that we have been unable to use it.


Further information: Both our Windows 10 "Date & Time" settings are synced and we both have good internet connection. Spotify and Discord are their most up-to-date versions.







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Re: Discord Listening Party Delay


If you set the time on your PC to one minute ahead then the song starts one minute ahead when you listen in on discord/spotify, but if it's synced up by the minute it's fine. If you change to like 3 minutes it starts 3 minutes ahead in the song aswell


Weird, just change the time on your PC