Doesn't Shuffle Music


Doesn't Shuffle Music

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I've paid for Spotify for over 2 years (family plan for most of it) and it continues to have the problem of not shuffling music correctly.  It doesn't matter which play list or which device --- this problem has been OCCURRING FOR 2 YEARS, ON ALL OF MY DEVICES and ON ALL OF MY PLAYLISTS.  I will have 100-1,000 songs on a playlist and when I select shuffle mode Spotify will play only 10% of them over-and-over-and-over again.  I've tried to install/uninstall, log-out/log-in on my iPhone and my desktop but it doesn't fix it.  I've tried creating new playlists by copying songs from my existing playlists and this doesn't help.  I've tried sorting the lists by song title and artist name, but that doesn't help.  I've even bought a new iPhone and new laptop within the past year and the problem continues to plague me.  When I search the web for a fix, there are entire websites (and even an app!) dedicated to addressing this problem...why is this so difficult for Spotify to fix???  Could it be that the royalty payments for some songs are higher for Spotify and it has an incentive not to play those songs as frequently, thus getting us stuck in a non-random shuffle?

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having the same issue and they are about to lose 6 subscribers about this specific issue