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Drag and drop for playlists and songs won't work

Drag and drop for playlists and songs won't work

I know this has been an issue for awhile and that there's a ton of threads but I think it's important to show Spotify that this is a persistent issue that needs to be addressed, again apparently. I can't drag and drop playlists to reorder/organize them and I can't drag and drop songs into playlists. I've tried reinstalling the app 4 times, deleting all Spotify related files, installing with a fresh installer, disabling hardware acceleration, closing all instances of Spotify on other devices, logging out, private sessions, offline mode, literally anything I can think of that may have a remote chance of causing the issue as well as any potential fix I could find online. I've given a lot of my money to Spotify through Premium and I'm tired of this being an issue. I'm using the current Windows 10 client.

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