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Email Notifications

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I stopped recieving email notificaitons of all types near the end of 2016.  My account still has email notificaitons turned on and the correct email address on file. Did these get discontinued along with the notificaitons in the desktop app?

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Hey @tjstieve


Which notificaitons are you signed up for?


  • Playlist update notifications have been discontinued 
  • New followers for profile/playlists notifications have been discontinued 
  • Spotify is no longer sending email notifications for every new release. If you're opted into New Music notifications, you should receive one email a week that highlights new releases from the artists you follow alongside a link to your Spotify generated Release Radar playlist.

Re: Email Notifications


Just a note that email notifications were a great feature and it was a primary motivator in keeping me engaged in the social aspect of Spotify (e.g. sharing my own playlists with friends, following friends' lists, etc.).


Not sure if anyone who may be able to influence this issue at Spotify will see this message, but it would be great if that feature were added back!