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Error 16/126 - Proxy/Firewall HELP

Error 16/126 - Proxy/Firewall HELP

Have all of a sudden had issues with running spotify from my desktop (windows) . 

I usually log on via my facebook account but now getting error codes 126/16. 

Have tried using the troubleshooting tips described on forums. 


1. turning off firewall has no effect 

2. uninstalling spotify does not work (system seems to complete ignore my request)


Please help. I want to throw my computer through a wall for being so hard to work with. 


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Have you recently deleted some files from Spotify or anything? The file might be located here: 


Offline.bnk file is used by Spotify to load data on offline process. When you go offline on Spotify and close it, the next time you start Spotify it uses the offline.bnk file to load your account. But when it doesn't exist or have been modefied, Spotify automatically loads Error code 126 on the screen. If you moved or deleted the file from current location but still have the file backup, you can restore it; however if you don't you'll need to reinstall Spotify.


So, let's talk about you reinstalling Spotify. How does your computer refuse uninstalling Spotify? If you can't uninstall it through Windows Installer, did you try out uninstalling Spotify through other softwares such as IObit Uninstaller?


Just waiting your reply 🙂

Well, looks like s/he didnt reply, but i did here.
Thanks for your answers. went into appdata and removed the offline.bnk. And get spotify reinstalled. Worked!
Just another thanks again for fixing the error 16 for me. helpful post here 😀

Hey there @dchu096 and @12151445371,

Just jumping in here to add some extra info to what @IguanaSetup suggested.

Keep in mind that removing Spotify files should only be done when performing a clean reinstall. You can find the necessary steps here. Otherwise, deleting or modifying files might cause the app to not function properly. If that's the case and you don't have a backup, the clean reinstall will help generate all necessary files anew from the ground up.


If you're having trouble altogether uninstalling the app, you should make sure that you have administrator privileges on the device. If you're still having trouble, you can post a video or photo of the issue in your comment. This would help us out a lot in finding the root cause of the problem.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you have any questions.


Have an awesome day!

Mihail Moderator
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