Everything disappeared


Everything disappeared

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I was trying to unlink my spotify account with my facebook account and somehow I lost everything that I had: my playlists, my followers, my preferences, apps, etc. The strange thing is that my personal playlist still exists and I can access it, but I don't own it anymore.


One thing I've notice is my id has change. It used to be 1276248628 now it is 12155698075.



Can someone help me?

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Re: Everything disappeared

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Hello and welcome:


Sounds like you might have created a duplicate account you will have to get in touch with customer support here please go to this url


and fill out the contact form. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community boards reply back to that email, even if it is from a noreply and a customer support rep will get with you shortly.



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Re: Everything disappeared

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Thanks! :D