Favorited songs list is losing songs


Favorited songs list is losing songs

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I've been suspecting a while that my songs list has been losing songs because there were songs that I know I loved from the daily mix that I favorited in order to come back to them later, and I can't find most of them. 


Yesterday I was playing music through my songs list, and today, I noticed one of the songs I played over and over again last night is no longer in the list, and I finally have conclusive evidence that I'm losing songs. 


I noticed that songs added months ago are all saved. However, it is just the songs I've added the past month that I've been losing. 


Please fix this!

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Here to help

Music Fan

Since the last update if you listen to other songs your daily mix will change including your favorites too. you can listen to your favorited song in your libary. in spotify.

Re: Here to help

Casual Listener

The daily mix changes, which is obviously expected. I'm saying my FAVORITED list is losing songs. No song that I didn't add is in it, but some songs I've added are missing.