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Friends who listen to an artist gone?

Friends who listen to an artist gone?

Hi there, 


Spotify used to show which of my friends had recently listened to an artist on that artist's page, in both the Windows desktop app and the iPhone app. I found this really useful, if, for example, I was trying to recruit people to go to a concert with. It seems to have disappeared. I've checked bands I know my friends listen to, and even clicked on artists in the right scrollbar, that spotify shows me my friends have just listened to.


Has this feature been eliminated (if so, boo!) or just moved somewhere that I can't find?


Thanks for your help.

21 Replies

Hey @connor32!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


Right now, this feature has been removed from the Spotify app. But don't worry, we'll let the right folks know you miss it.


Don't hesitate to give us a shout if anything else comes up.


All the best.

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
― Maria Augusta von Trapp

Ah, bummed to hear that. Hopefully they see the light and bring it back

Same here, really miss it. Please bring it back!

Yes, please bring it back.

This feature helped me to find the right buddy, or even reach out to a friend whom I haven't spoken in years to see if they'd be willing to go to a concert with me!


But now, with the feature gone, I'm not even sure how to start looking for a friend in an effective, productive way.



I was a fan of this feature as well!

Using this to find friends to go to concerts with is a great idea!

Not sure what the logic behind removing it in the first place was... Seems like a great social feature, one of the few 'social' features I actually used in Spotify. Please bring it back.

Bring it back guys, it was a great tool!!!

It really is laughable to say "We'll continue putting energy into new ways of sharing music discoveries with your friends on Spotify." - from  this reply when Spotify has seemingly add zero new useful ways of sharing music in the last 5 years, and in fact only subtracted features that encourage the sharing and discovery of music. The one feature they added being a bastardized version of QR codes. You know how when you want to share a song with someone across town, or in another state it's really easy to uhhh...share QR codes(??)

I'm also dissapointed this feature has been removed. I liked knowing what artist's I had in common with friends and that knowledge was always something I could use start a conversation. I hope to see it come back soon!

I'm also very interested in seeing this featrue resurrected. It was so so helpful.

- A customer with a request 🙂

Adding my voice to the disappointment here!

I miss it so much!! My girlfriend of three years and I went on our first date because of that feature. Without it I never would have known to invite her to a Matt Corby concert that ended up being the night we fell for each other. Please bring it back? 


Dear Spotify


Please bring this feature back!


I have 2 tickets for a FKJ show next week, and I want to ask someone out but I wouldn't know where to start without this feature..


Glad to see I'm not alone here, we've been waiting for quite a long time now.

Would be really nice to have it back 🙂

Keeping this thread alive. I don't understand why this feature was removed. We lost the ability to see our Playlist followers, now we lose this. Honestly one day I fully expect to load the app up and see the "Friend Activity" window completely removed from the app at this point (not to give Spotify any ideas - I'm sure someone will run straight to the board room with that one and get a high five). Why even allow us to have Friends at all if there is no functionality associated with them left? Clearly, Spotify only wants you to receive music recommendations from their algorithms. They have no interest in social features from what I can see.


In my experience their algorithms helped me get a few good recommendations early on, but since then they've been beating a dead horse with stuff I already know. Since then I'm back to recommendations from friends and online publications. I miss the days of Soulseek (which compared to Spotify was much less "feature rich) when you could just chat with people and view what albums they had in their archive. Find someone with similar tastes, see what else they're into. It remains one of the best ways to find new music, requires no algorithm programming, and is still consistely more effective. But nah, let's over-design our application to do a bunch of stuff the users didn't ask for and doesn't even work better. 


Look, I know I'm "butthurt" over the loss of these features and looking to vent about it. But the decisions completely blow my mind. I applaud Spotify for being innovative with its algorithms and recommendations. Some of them are pretty cool. But I don't know why they had to turn their back on older, reliable features. People like these social features, and someone else will do them better than Spotify. In fact, if someone creates a product as robust as Spotify but completely nails the Social side of things, it might make Spotify less relevant because it's just a bunch of lonely algorithms. So please reconsider not only the rollback of these social features, but expanding them and making them more robust. It will breathe life into this app. 

Yeah, this was one of the primary reasons why I liked Spotify. I cannot understand the rational for removing it and I'm incredibly frustrated that you'd remove it. BRING. IT. BACK. 

If there's an artist I want to see live, or I have tickets I can't use, or I'm excited enough about an artist to want to talk about them, finding out who else shares an interest through Spotify was a HUGE upside. The social aspect is crucial to the product's appeal and stripping it was a misstep. Please bring it back. 

Please do bring back this service!

Yeah, I'll shout into the void here too: there's now no good way for me to easily find friends to go to concerts with if I don't also know their taste, and it is enormously frustrating that a feature WHICH ALREADY EXISTED AT ONE POINT is now apparently beyond the technical ability of Spotify's programmers.

Bring it back, please.

RT a lot of people on this thread - this feature helped me find out what friends to ask to go to a concert for specific artists, please bring it back!

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