General Windows UX complaint

General Windows UX complaint






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The best way to describe this UX design is overly complex and unresponsive.  When I push pause it takes a solid 10 seconds to actually pause the music, if it does at all.  When I push the keyboard button to go to the next song, it's a **bleep** shoot.  Maybe it will, maybe it won't.  How you guys let this thing get into production in this state is beyond me.  I switched from apple music, but I'm going back. At least the devs at apple seem to have their music player figured out. 

It should be a thin client, but you have bloated it with the entire chromium engine, and over time, like every chromium app I've seen, small little "enhancements' have turned your code base to spaghetti.  Your service was far more responsive years ago.  I haven't done tests, but I promise you're leaking memory somewhere.  I don't need a response.  Rebuild your player and try and do it right next time.  Your UX team is trash.




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