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[HELP] For some people who can't load musics

[HELP] For some people who can't load musics

Okay, so I would like to help some people, because i saw a lot of people in my situation, if you can't play any song (out of some playlists) on your computer BUT you can listen to them on a phone then try that:


1st: Open your notepad as an administrator.
2nd: Open the file named "hosts" in:


3rd: If you opened the right file you should see lots of "#" and "".

4th: Delete all the lines with "spotify" or "fastly" in it, then save and close your notepad.

5th: Close/Shut down Spotify.

6th: Open Spotify.


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Thank you so much! I've been struggling with this issue and continuously reinstalling my web client this whole past week lol.

Well that seemed to do the trick for now, thank you! It was driving me insane.

I'm pretty happy to know I helped you guys!

It works, but not with some albums.

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