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Having more filter for liked titles playlist

Having more filter for liked titles playlist







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Windows 10


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After many times spent on spotify, the list of liked songs became very large with lot of different kind of songs ( rock, ballads, punk, rap, pop, 80's, etc...). By now, I'm only able to filter theses songs using filter search. This filter seems to look for the word into song name, artist name, album name. I think that it could be really usefull to have filter based on music style. For exemple, a kind on filter that allow you to listen only rock from your liked song list. It seems that the feeling to listen to this song or another one is linked to music style.

I didn't found how to do this filtering, is there any capabilities to do it by now? 


Thank you.



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Hello Leo, welcome to the Spotify community.

As far as I'm aware (and if someone knows better, please do correct me), you can only filter your liked songs and songs in a Spotify playlist, as you said, by name of the song, the artist, and the album.

For feature ideas like this, you can head over to the "Ideas" category on the Spotify community. Definitely make sure to check out this idea and give it a vote! It's quite an old one but it's still live and it's worth a vote.


I hope my reply was useful and I wish you a great weekend.


Hi PrettyMuchSwiss,
Thank you for your reply, this is exactly what I'm trying to do. Nothing to add to this idea except +1vote.
Have a nice weekend too.

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