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Help Please - Ahhhhhhh

Help Please - Ahhhhhhh



I still cant get my head round the new Spotify. The background colours dont help so you cant see theup and down bar on the right hand side.

Also having double spacing doesnt help due to fact it now takes ages to look at all the songs I have got on here. There is the other problem that when you put the lists into order I think it should automatically go to the top of the list but it doesnt. I sometimes like to just see the ones I have just put in the list?

Spotify please go back to the way it was.

Anyone help me with what was the starred list. There is now a Your music songs which all your selections go into. I either have to manually put the new songs into the Your Music Songs or If anyone can help me how would put all my starred ones into the Your Music Songs ? I have over 15,000 songs

I have tried but it doesnt work ? Help please !!!! Thanks

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There's a limit of 10K songs in Your Music so you're going to struggle. You can select a bunch of tracks in your playlist and drop them on Songs as long as you don't drag more than 500 at a time (there seems to be a bug). If it works, the relevant Artists/Albums will be added too.

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