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Help! - Some songs won't play.


Help! - Some songs won't play.

Hi, I'm getting really frustrated here.

For over a week now some songs won't start playing when I click them or when it gets to their turn to be played.



Heinrich Dressel - The black radiant sky

Lost years - Breeze


Everything's looks as it should, besides that the marker that moves along as the song plays, the minute counter and the track length doesn't appear. And of course there's no sound!  


They're not local files - just playlists I've built here on my Spotify unlimited account.

And it's not always the same songs that have this problem. Some has started working again, while new songs gets the problem instead!


Tried reinstalling Spotify, setting back my computer, checking for viruses - nothing works and it's driving me crazy!


Really appreciate if someone could help me out!

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Thanks for that. Quite a lot of mine wouldn't play and I couldn't understand why. Did just as you suggested and now they work. Thanks.
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For me, the songs that wouldn't play were the ones I've bought on itunes so I went into EDIT>PREFERENCES, THEN SCROLLED DOWN TO LOCAL FILES and turned off (slide to the left) the tab next to ITUNES, WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER, & MY MUSIC. (or whatever source you may or may not have).


that helped me, ...hope it helps you 🙂

I'm having the same problem. The songs are by Maroon 5, Ed Sherden and Kelly Clarkson and a few others that I can't think of now.  Just wondeing what was causing this problem.  I uninstalled Spotify and re-installed but it did not fix the problem. 



I also have the same problem. I've tried all the suggestions listed in this thread but none of them have fixed the problem. There are some tracks that don't work if I try to play them from a playlist I have created myself (not downloaded but from Spotify). And there is a same problem with other people's playlists as well, the program basically just skips some songs and won't react when I try to press play on those specific tracks. However, they do play if I go straight to the album and click play. This problem is super frustrating so I'd be very grateful if someone knew what to do!

Most of the song that don't play for me is in the charts; Billboard, Top 50; ....etc. Not heard anything from any one about the problem. I've already uninstalled Spotify, 3 times and then reinstalled it.  Still no changes and it is always the same songs that will not play, just dead air.


Mine are songs from playlists made by Spotify or Filter

Turning off local files fixed the issue! Thanks!

Came to this thread looking for help to fix this "simple problem".. The responses are all too technical, for the money we pay this should just work. Spotify sort your act out!  This user is switching to Apple Music.

Thanks, disabling the LOCAL FILES option did the trick for me. It was really annoying.


Thanks, disabling local files (and re-enabling afterwards) did the trick. Seems like there was something wrong with linking the songs to local files as both albums that didn't work were albums I had as local file, too, but did delete. Although I don't understand why there is a connection to local files as I have chosen that Spotify should play from Spotify Server. If I wanted to play something from my local files I'd have done a Playlist with my local files.

Thanks! This sorted it!

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Perfect! Fixed the issue for me. Thanks 🙂

I'm trying to listen to a Spotify assembled playlist on my desktop (at work).


I receive a "Can't play the current track" error. I've tried the solution highlighted in this thread and have turned off importing local files, as well as turned off displaying unavailable tracks.




Could be that my office has started blocking certain pieces of software...

Re: Some songs won't play.


Tried your suggetion, and it didn't work.

I wonder if the problem could be that most of my music is stored on external hard drives.

Same thing is happening with me. It's really aggravating, because it's mostly the songs that are my favorites, and they won't play! please help!! I only use Spotify on the desktop, so I'm not sure what to do. >.<

I'm sorry, but this doesn't help me, is there anything else I could do? 


I been having this problem for a long time now. I have all local files disabled. Random songs on my songs list will not play if I goto the artist page the song will play fine also if i remove it from my music and re-add it back to my music it will play again. This is obviously not a ideal solution having to delete and add it again. You might never notice the song is not working on your playlist until you try and play it individually very frustrating

Close Spotify, for Windows 7 go to C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage, open folder and delete everything, restart spotify.

Works for me now.

Could you please tell me where's the edit option?

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