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Help! - Some songs won't play.


Help! - Some songs won't play.

Hi, I'm getting really frustrated here.

For over a week now some songs won't start playing when I click them or when it gets to their turn to be played.



Heinrich Dressel - The black radiant sky

Lost years - Breeze


Everything's looks as it should, besides that the marker that moves along as the song plays, the minute counter and the track length doesn't appear. And of course there's no sound!  


They're not local files - just playlists I've built here on my Spotify unlimited account.

And it's not always the same songs that have this problem. Some has started working again, while new songs gets the problem instead!


Tried reinstalling Spotify, setting back my computer, checking for viruses - nothing works and it's driving me crazy!


Really appreciate if someone could help me out!

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Thank you so much! This has been annoying me for months when I could play music fine on my phone but when at the PC it wouldn't play certain tracks from albums.

does it work for mac? I couldn't find preferences in the edit menu. help

I have that same problem. I'm trying to listen to 'Wolf in Sheep's Clothing' by Set It Off, and it won't play. 


Sooo what about people that dont have premium???

The same is happening to me but I don't have any local files linked and it's only happening with one particular artist/group (why don't we). Every other song works completely fine. I also don't have premium

The real reason is that Spotify DELETES THE SONG! I did a check on "Disco Tits" by Tove Lo, and the song WAS playing for five seconds, ceased to work after that, then when I Uninstalled, then Reinstalled, the song DISAPPEARED! It seems Spotify did not have the rights to play that song and didn't wanna get sued!!!


 So, whenever a song won't play, DO NOT UNINSTALL. Instead, check the updates! It seems Spotify does damage control ALL THE TIME... LOL.

That solution worked for me too; after being silently vexed with this problem for some time.

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