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Hey spotify, how about you fix this (for the nth. time)

Hey spotify, how about you fix this (for the nth. time)






Windows Desktop

Operating System

Windows 10. Creators Update 1803 Build 17134.407


My Question or Issue

 Could you fix that annoying overlay with the keys? I tried everything, uninstalling, cleaning registry, enabled, disabled, restarted. There's something wrong on your part, not mine. Several people have the same issue. And it is a recurrent one.

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Hello there. Have you tried turning off the "Show desktop overlay when using media keys" option which you can find under Settings/Display Options ? Hope this helps 🙂


I have the same problem as op, In the settings it shows the option "show desktop overlay when using media keys" as off and yet it still apears, turning it on then off again fixes it but as soon as you close spotify and reopen it comes back. This occurs on both the windows store verison and the one provided via the spotify website. 

Yes. I stated that in the first post (when I said enabled, disabled, I was referring to that feature).


I have a keyboard with a pitch for volume control, when I use said pitch to control volume the overlay keeps popping up. 

they worked it out by the looks of it some months ago. Last month or so the issue reappeared, I used to disable the overlay completely with a program called OSD something, but now that program isn't working because windows messed it up too. 


So, it's not like I didn't try to fix it by myself, I've been a loyal customer since 2014 or so and it bothers me that this can't be fixed permanently. 

This seems to be a known bug but it's more about windows notifications rather Spotify. Is your operating system up to date ? Updating it to most recent version may help 🙂

As I *stated above* I've got the latest Windows updates. All the drivers, all the updates. I know my way around Windows and other OS. If I took my time to write a post here it is because I've tried all that I could before and couldn't fix it. 


Look up previous posts, this is a *known* issue, which was said to have been fixed but it keeps resurfing. 

Same issue here.
Spotify version:
Windows 10 October 2018 Update 1809 (Build 17763.164)


Reinstalling with the official installer from solves this issue, but it installs version As soon as I close it and open it again it updates itself to, and the issue comes back.

(The screenshot of Spotify is in the Spanish language, but you can clearly see "popup" on the option.)

Sin título.png

Yes it's back. Again. Really, really annoying bug. Do some tests before a new relase.

Looks like the tech guys are working on it. You can find more about this issue here


Take care ^^

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