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How Can I Add 500 Songs To My Library At A Time

How Can I Add 500 Songs To My Library At A Time

Hello! So, I had a 1500 song playlist I wanted to add to my own library. However, I read online that adding more than 500 songs at once will cause bugs and that's what happened. The songs won't get added in the order they were added (by date). Therefore, how can I transfer about a 100 songs to my library at a time to make sure there are no glitches?


Thanks! ❤️

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Hey @XRay1230, welcome to the community!


Using the desktop app, you can make a selection of all the songs you want to add. You can use Ctrl+A to select all songs in the playlist, or Ctl+click to select one song at a time until you have all the ones you want to add selected.


Then, you can just drag and drop the selection under Songs, this'll automatically save all the songs and add them to Your Library.


However, the date the songs were added, would be today, the old date you added the songs to the playlist won't carry over.


Let me know how it goes.

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