How can I get the old interface with the more respectful and non-paternalist "New Release" ?


How can I get the old interface with the more respectful and non-paternalist "New Release" ?

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My issue is that since a couple of month, my Spofity home screen has been obliterated with junk, "suggestion", and all kind of things that I am not interested in.


Example, now, I have to scroll through some 'promoted' joe rogan stuff, which I totally don't care, I have to go through 'daily suggestion' which I have no use or interest for, and now, I can't even access the proper new release, I have to accept the "forced-feeding" suggestion of the "New Release for You", which only show a subset of the actual world new music and artists. 

How unrespectful and paternalist is this !? This is exactly why we left GPM in the first place, the interface was getting so clunky and everything was turning into "How can I scan your history to feed you with suggestion" instead of letting us browse and discover music by our own.


I respect the feature for those who want it, but for those like me who don't want your paternalist suggestions, or who don't want you to create 'daily playlist for the thursday' or have the "Made for XYX" Section, or the "Good morning, evening" section.  How can we remove all these crappy section ?


Please help, I used to like Spotify, but right now I am very unhappy with my recent Spotify experience and updates. It is terrible.


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I literally have to Open spotify -> Click on Search -> Scroll Down -> Find the proper confusing New Release button -> then of course I cannot immediatly access the table grid of new release... I have to be show the "Best new release from Spotify Point of View" -> Gotta scroll again -> then I can only access like 10 of the new release -> Gotta click on SEE ALL....


What t..............


Hi there @arbours,


Thank you for your post and feedback here in the Community.


In this case we suggest that you head over to this idea and leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the thread for any updates.


The best way to provide your feedback regarding the new desktop experience would be in this thread.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Take care!

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