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How can I play just one song!?!?

How can I play just one song!?!?

Ref Windows Desktop version, premium user

All I want to do is play one song only when I want to. It's not much to ask.

Someone once suggsted using Add to Queue, but then you get a whole list of 100% unwanted stuff in the "Next Up" queue which starts playing after the song ends.

Is Spotify an application that aims to force you, agains your will, to listen to whatever it decides you should hear? I don't want to hear ANY tracks in "Next Up". How can I stop the stupid software from even using "Next Up"?

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Hey @jasjas, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!


Please note that Next up is a list of songs that come right after the current one if you are playing from a playlist. It's just the upcoming songs from your own playlist or a playlist you may have followed.


When you play a song and it ends and you don't have the loop option enabled Spotify will create a radio station based on that song and will offer songs it thinks you might like.

If you don't like this feature just go to Settings and find Autoplay, click on the switch to turn it off and you should be good to go 🙂


Hope it helps!

@LorenXK this doesn't work if he would play a random song from a random album. I think he wants to play 1  song and automatically stop playing after it's done. To be fair, I've been in that situation, and it's weird how Spotify -still- does not have such a feature.


To answer the OP's question, the only way to do that is have a playlist with 1 song, and like LorenXK said, turn autoplay off in your preferences.

Hey @robinvdijk,


Spotify does have that feature for information 🙂

That's the Autoplay feature I mentioned you can learn more about it here.

@jasjas can play any song from anywhere so it is no issue at all. If he plays from an album he will get into it's queue songs that album contains so it's not an issue at all. Just enable loop for that song only or clear the queue and only that song will be played.


You can also learn more about how queue works in this FAQ 🙂


Have a nice day!

Thank you for your replies. to say "it is not an issue at all" is an exaggeration: there is no straighforward way to play one song, from anywhere. Full stop. If you know of a way, please decribe it in detail. It doesnt matter where the song is or was, I would like to be able to play it and play it once only, ideally with one or two clicks.

"If he plays from an album he will get into it's queue songs that album contains so it's not an issue at all" - but I don't want any queue at all; I want a queue of one, if you like, and I don't want other songs from the album or anywhere else.

Hey @jasjas,


It is not an issue as I described earlier.

I also mentioned how to play only that song too 🙂

Just read my previous post.

That's how Spotify works, when a song belongs to a playlist or album, which have other songs as well, no need to explain that why, they get added to the queue. If you would like it to work in a different way you can submit your idea in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.

I also told you how to clear the queue too 🙂


Hope I was clear enough!

I find the lack of a simple step-by-step guide to this sort of thing very frustrating. "when a song belongs to a playlist or album, which have other songs as well, no need to explain that why, they get added to the queue. " - I would like to  know why, when you add one song to a queue, others get added as well. That unexpected behaviour requires some explanation, surely 🙂 Also, I was in a situation where I had a long list of "Next up" songs that I had never heard of, and yet that list ("Next up") was un-clearable, other than by deleteing each one, one at a time, which is obviously impractical. When you pause a song (in the Now Playing queue), how do you clear that (now playing) queue?

Hey @jasjas,


I thought I was clear enough with that, you have all the required information in my previous posts so I would suggest giving them a read 🙂

It it practical just that you need to use the CTRL+A combination of keys to select them all rather then doing it one by one. 

I explained the Next up queue several times in my posts so don't udnerstand where your issue is here. Disable Autoplay if you don't like the queue to be filled when a playlist, album or song ends.

If you had a long next up list it means your playlist was huge.

Spotify does have a search function as well so with Autoplay disbaled you will get to play only that song and it will stop.


Have a nice day!


Edit: I said no need to explain why because it was previously explained 🙂 

LorenXK, that is NOT the autoplay function.


I have my autoplay turned off, then, I click 1 song from a random album. After that song is finished, it goes to the next. That's not what disabling autoplay is preventing. Disabling autoplay prevents from finding new songs after the album or playlist is finished, NOT the song.


So, disabling autoplay does not fix OP's problem. Like I said before, it only fixes it when you put 1 song in an empty playlist, coupled with the disabled autoplay.



Hey @robinvdijk,


That IS the autoplay feature.

I already mentioned that if you play an album, which doesn't consist of only one song, other songs from it will be in the next up queue.

But if you disable autoplay you won't get other songs when that random album is finished no other songs will play. If it IS enabled then you will get other songs on the queue which now seems to be an issue not a feature.

If you don't like it or have a suggestion please you can submit it in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.



I don't understand why this is all so difficult.

Here is what I find:

Start Spotify from scratch

Click Songs, to see my "favourites"

On a song in that list, right-click to Add to Queue

Click the Queue button, bottom right of screen

The Queue screen is totally blank.

Explain that.


On another occasion, start Spotify, find an album, click Play. It starts playing, but, the "Next Up" queue now shows every track from every album from that artist!?!

The "Next Up"queue can not be cleared.

The only way to get rid of the "now playing" entry is to play someting else!

Not only will it not play a song and stop, it will not play an album and stop.

I hate autoply in any context, and I can assure all these auto settings are firmly off.


For these reasons, I hate the Spotify UI with a vengence and am aghast that such a basic program is all Spotify can offer.


I completely agree with @jasjas. The Spotify player is missing a couple of very basic features that anyone would expect from a music player (especially one that costs $10 a month to use):

  1. Click a song and create a queue of just that one song.
  2. "Clear queue" button 


Let me start by saying that I’m a premium user, using Spotify on a PC, and "Autoplay similar songs when the music ends" is turned off


What we're saying is this:

When I search for a band, find that they have 5 albums, and click the play button next to ONE song, I want that ONE song to be added to the queue and play. In other words, the queue should be replaced by just that one song. If I wanted to hear the whole album, I would click the play button on the album. If I wanted to hear their whole catalogue, I would click play on their band icon... but that's not what I want. I just want that ONE song to queue up and start playing.


Then, while I’m enjoying that ONE song, I would like to search up other songs/artists, right click on those songs and “add to the queue”…


This leads to the other major problem with the Spotify queue: now that I've clicked play on ONE song and Spotify has gone ahead and added all the songs from that artists’ catalogue to the queue, Spotify doesn’t allow me to add or remove songs in "Next Up". I right click on any (or all) song(s) in "Next Up" and hit "Remove from Queue" and nothing happens**. I go to another band/song, right click on a song and hit "add to queue": nothing happens. In other words, by clicking play on one song, I'm stuck with a queue that Spotify dictates and I cannot change. 


And there is no “clear queue” button!?!?


I found a post where I learned that to clear the queue you can "... just push play on the last song on the [queue]. You'll see that all the songs above it will disappear". That kind of works, but it also plays the song from the end of the queue (which is not the ONE song I wanted to hear in the first place) and, if the queue is really long, the “Next up” keeps refilling itself and you have to “push play on the last song” again and again and again…


If this doesn’t make sense, try this: look up The Rolling Stones. Hit play on any song. Check your queue. There are hundreds of songs. Now, try to right click and “remove” any song from the “Next up”…Spotify on my PC does nothing. Now, go look up another artist, pick a song and hit “add to queue”…what happens (on my PC: nothing).


This is why I’m leaving Spotify after just 2 months.

Like @jasjas describes in the post above, when the queue is actually empty (i.e. says "Empty. There are no songs to play in the queue") and I right click on any song, whether it's in my "library” or I "browse" to find it, and I hit "add to queue", it does not get added to my queue. It's the weirdest thing. The queue continues to say "Empty. There are no songs to play in the queue".


The only way to get something in the queue seems to be to hit the play button next to a song (or album, etc.), which, as described previously, queues up way more songs than I want...


The UI just seems to have so many obvious flaws… I cannot figure out why this program is so popular.


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