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How do I completely uninstall spotify?


How do I completely uninstall spotify?

I used the control panel unistall but it keeps poping up, I asking this because when I'm playing high graphic games, (league of legends, minecraft etc.) I randomly get a black screen, and I'm thinking its because of this, (my graphics card is really bad)

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i did what you said, and it seems to be gone. but ill know better when i restatrt windows agian ! will let you know ! thanks !

this doesn't work for me could you help?

How is this "solved"? Having the same issue and apparently this has been a problem for some time. Unable to uninstall. Have tried all the suggestions: start in safe mode, end task of spotifywebblah blah, restart computer, dance in a circle, pray to the viking gods. Nothing. F***ing pissed. I want this off my computer.

I asked the original question two or three years ago. I never got rid of Spotify . But when the time came to get a new MacBook I made sure I went nowhere near it! Dave

Thank you! your solution worked. 

well, it didnt work. i went to the registry and deleted it all everywhere i could find it and any part of it, but yet when i re-started the compter(s), it still popped up again. i finally did a re-install of windows ten, and a recovery of windows 7 to a previoius time before it was installed and finally got rid of it for good; on most of my machines anyway ! some still have it . but they wont for long . doing a complete reboot on the others with a fresh copy of the system bye bye spotify !

nice, it works for me in Windows 7. Thanks!

this worked perfectly!!


This worked!!! thank you so much. (Windows 7 64)

Where do you type in the C:\users\...etc. ? I get as far as the user and then it doesn't go anywhere

You are wonderful!  Thanks!!

Considering this issue was covered 4 years ago in these posts...and I just installed and attempted to uninstall with the same results - failure of control panel to uninstall.  Manually ending the process in Task Manager and deleted Spotify manually was successful.  My question is...WHY the **bleep** hasn't Spotify included an uninstaller with there software??  I will never use it again.

I realised four years ago Spotify is an advertising platform , just happens to have some music that we all like . So we get hooked in on their music offer to then be trapped by their advertising (or we pay Spotify NOT to receive their adverts'....!!) nasty business ethics
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In Win-7 tried 10 times in Control Panel clicking on the Uninstall bar up top. Finally, I right-clicked on Spotify in Control Panel and this time it asked for uninstall confirmation, clicked OK, then it was uninstalled. Not sure why, but happy.

These instructions apply to WHAT operating system, please?  Windows 10?  Mac OS?  They sure don't apply to Windows 7.

The real issue here, as a former software tester myself, is that the Spotify app, does not UNINSTALL properly, at least in Windows 7 Pro.  I installed it in July, now it won't uninstall using the standard Windows Control Panel uninstall utility.

This is clearly a software bug.  All Windows programs should be able, nowadays, to smoothly install and uninstall.  

Spotify Development needs to get busy on a fix.


I have uninstalled from the control panel 100 times and it never executes. It doesn't give me an error it just does nothing. I have rebooted my computer and still nothing. 


thank you! this really helped. 😄

Completely crashed and destroyed my entire operating system is gone! 

everytime i press uninstall i get an error that says that the uninstaller couldnt open. what do i do?

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