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How do I completely uninstall spotify?


How do I completely uninstall spotify?

I used the control panel unistall but it keeps poping up, I asking this because when I'm playing high graphic games, (league of legends, minecraft etc.) I randomly get a black screen, and I'm thinking its because of this, (my graphics card is really bad)

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I installed Spotify to use its service


But since installing and trying to delete it I have been left with slow start up on my laptop and Spotify being the dominant program.

If i can 't resolve the performance issues than I want to remove spotify completely


Despite Joe's comment I am deeply suspicious of this program, particularly as there is no mention of how to uninstall on Spotify's 'help' or technical pages



Have you tried setting Spotify not to start automaically when you turn your computer on? 

You can do that from the Edit > Preferences menu inside the client. 



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Windows 'Install & Remove Programs' in the Control Panel should remove everything.  All Spotify program files are confined to two folders, one in each of the two Application Data folders, that's it, other than Desktop and Program Files shortcuts, so check there. 


Since you've done the uninstall, there must be something left in the registry as a Run command that is called on every startup.  You should  run Ccleaner's registry cleaner to remove these and other registry entries.  Most programs leave registry entries on uninstall.  Ccleaner will also show what is scheduled to run on startup.


If the uninstall was successful, even with leftover registry entries, I really doubt that the slowdown is related to Spotify

many thanks to all for replies.


I have managed to remove Spotify and my laptop now opens at normal speed


I have tried and tried to uninstall spotify on Windows 7-64 bit. When I go to control panel/programs/select spotify/Uninstall, I get a message "Invalid options: /uninstall". Since I have installed Spotify I cannot install any windows updates and I get a blue memory dump screen trying. Shutdown message: Windows unexpected shut down screen. ERROR: user\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-43165-0.sysdata.xml. Now the PC just restarts over and over again with a blue screen every 5 minutes. Still cannot uninstall spotify. Did get it removed out of my browser.


Please help me get this out of my PC!!

Could you pls tell me what you did to uninstall it??? I've been triying to do so and just can't!!! Thank you in advance.

Great job dealing with this - it is getting confusing out there.  Chrome keeps doing things to my Outlook hyperlinks in my email.  I always suspect the browser install too and re-do that if nothing else to make sure I didn't miss a TRICKY checkoff box in Firefox, Chrome, IE, or whatever.  Spotify has been a great product in my opinion, and is evolving like anything else to get better and bigger.  Thanks support folks for hanging in there with us out here as we are often confused and a little too harsh with the people helping us 🙂

@y84media wrote:

System Preferences

    Users & Groups

       Click on your admin account, click on the padlock to make changes, click on login items, click on Spotify, click on the "-" (minus) button below to remove this from the list of apps that start up when you log into your Mac.


Click on your Desktop, click "Go" at the top of the screen, click on "Applications".  Drag Spotify to the trash.


Scroll down to Utilities and double-click "Terminal".

Copy and paste the following, it will ask for your admin password:

"sudo rm -R Library/Caches/com.spotify.client" <- Press return & type in your admin password
"sudo rm -R Library/Caches/ com.spotify.danstaller" <- Press return & type in your admin password


Should be all gone

There is a space in the command deleting the spotify cache directory. Be careful, between the containing folder and the spotify directory. Don't use it with the space if you don't want your whole cache directory wiped out.

Uninstall on Windows: (8.1 64bit)


1. Go to a shortcut of Spotify or create one.

2. Right click -> properties -> add to target " /unistall" . so it looks like this: C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify_delite\spotify.exe /uninstall

3. Apply and close

4. Right click -> Run As Administrator.

5. Ciao!

i can't move it to the trash! What do i do? 

i can't move it to the trash 😞
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@confusedme Hey! Follow @MattSuda 's steps on how to uninstall Spotify. Hopefully you'll reinstall it too.

  1. Open Finder then click Go > Library in the menu bar. (You may need to hold the Alt key if Library isn’t visible).
  2. Open Caches and delete the com.spotify.Client folder.
  3. Click the back arrow.
  4. Open Application Support and delete the Spotify folder.
  5. Go to and reinstall Spotify.


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If you're using Windows, use the uninstall a program part of the control panel. 

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If anyone still has the problem where they could not uninstall Spotify from the programs list on their Windows computer, please read this. I had the same problem and my solution was to complete System Restore. Please read the windows link below on how to do it. I had completed the instructions and restored my computer back to a date where Spotify was not installed on the computer.


Bear in mind if there are any issues I am not held accountable as I am only providing advice which does not have to be followed if you do not want to. I solely recommend you to read the Windows link very carefully. - This is for computers with Windows 7 - This is for computers with Windows XP. Please bear in mind that support for Windows XP by Microsoft ended on April 8 2014.


Thank you.

thank you thank you thank you 🙂

Hey, I have a question too, I have completely done everything you have said in this post and everything else too. The problem is.... It wont work, but I know what the problem is, my spotify is running in the back round...(I have a win 8.1 pro and use firefox, and how I know is if you go to task manger > details and scroll down a bit you'll see one or two Spotify's running.) AND, since I can't end their process for what ever reason (why Im asking for help) I can't delete the Spotfy in Roaming. I have been reaching how to find out how to fix this but I cant find it. 



(Btw, when I try to end the process it says 'Acces Denied'

@SonicJacob wrote:

Hey, I have a question too, I have completely done everything you have said in this post and everything else too.


Try Process Explorer, a free Task Manager replacement.  You'll the the processes grouped together.  Right ciick on the first instance, then "Kill Process Tree."

Um, thanks for the reply,but, sadly, I've done that on both of them! I'm
really sorry, but I've tried every thing!

@SonicJacob wrote:
Um, thanks for the reply,but, sadly, I've done that on both of them! I'm
really sorry, but I've tried every thing!

The multiple Spotify processes SHOULD be grouped together in Process Explorer, in a "tree" format.  Just to clarify, did you download and run Process Explorer?  There isn't an install needed, just run the EXE file.  You should be in the standard view mode, which will show all running processes and services in a tree format.  You do NOT want to sort everything alphabetically.  I've tried it myself, and Spotify is killed without issue.  You should then be able to uninstall it.


You can also try Revo Uninstaller, another freeware program, and easy to use.  I've never run across a program it doesn't remove.  You'll find it easily through Google, I generally use for freeware programs such as these.  Download and install the program.


After starting the uninstall wih Revo, choose the advanced option which scans for all the leftovers that normally don't get removed by a normal Windows uninstall.  Follow the prompts.  If there is something running in the background that prevents removal, you'll be prompted to reboot and it will be removed at the next system startup.  Again, follow the prompts, the program will warn you if you missed anything.  


There are other things to try, but without knowing your computer skill level, I hesitate in going further.

Ok thank you, but Spotify isn't even installed, but it's running 😕
I can't end the process or even install Spotify because two are running,
(and I do have an above average pc level)

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