How do I find the "Your Daily Mix " on a Laptop/PC?


How do I find the "Your Daily Mix " on a Laptop/PC?


I noticed the "Your Daily Mix" lists that get presented to you when you use the cell phone app, but I don't see on the full desktop application on my laptop. Can someone tell me where I can find these when using the applicaiton on a Windows laptop?





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On the desktop app, you can find Your Daily Mixes in Your Library under Made for You. 


For more info about Daily Mixes, we'd recommend taking a look at this support site article.


Keep in mind that if you're new to Spotify, it might take a bit before you see your Daily Mixes. There's more information about this at this Spotify Answer.


If you're having troubles seeing them on the desktop app, you can also check this Spotify Answer for some troubleshooting steps you can try. 


Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you'd like more help.


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What I've also done is to select the mix on my phone but make sure that my pc is listed as the device.


Agreed. I'd like to access them from the Sonos app as well.


I don't see the option on my phone to save the Daily Mix. Is the option to save the list only available to paid users?

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Hey @olaorun67, if you tap the ellipsis button in the top right corner, there is an option to "Add to Playlist". Alternatively, if you have Premium, you can use Spotify Connect to transfer the listening session over to your desktop, which is really handy as a workaround!




Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

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Really? I have Spotify Free and it lets me connect from my phone to my Mac, but not from Mac to my phone, so I use Daily Mix on phone, and transfer it to my desktop app.

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People, please stop proposing starting playing the daily mix on the phone and then transferring it to the desktop.


It is NOT THE SAME. The daily mix on the phone is supposed to run "infinitely", adding more new songs after you play through the first batch. If you transfer to the desktop application, it will just loop over the first batch of songs. I.e. no more new songs are added.


PS. The more I look at this, the more it looks like intentional, with possible ulterior motives. Spotify, please get your act together. This is the best feature you've added for years and you practically throw it to the garbage bin: I don't have unlimited data so that I use Daily Mix on the go without worries. And when WiFi is available, 90% of the times I want to listen from my desktop, not my phone.


I can do that as well but it is just a band aid solution. Wondering when/if the daily mix option will be a feature within the desktop mode.


Thanks, this is a very handy workaround. Works great. Hope Spotify get this feature on desktop soon! 

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I don't see the option to save Daily Mix to a playlist on Android - is this only available on iOS? The Daily Mixes are a great feature, it would be nice to have capabilities standardised across all platforms and OS.

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No need to save the playlists as they are already a saved playlist and will always be avaialble in the "Your Daily Mix" tab.


If your looking to save music from your daily mix playlists you could create a new playlist and save to it. But I think this takes away from how the Daily Mixes are intended to function with liking and disliking songs in order to improve that said Daily Mix.


More information here on how they work:


Hope this was helpful in some way 🙂


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Thanks for the quick reply. I would like to be able to download the
playlist to listen to on the go without eating loads of mobile data,
ideally. And if a mix is really good, I would like the option to save it to
listen again at some point without individually saving each track to a


Sweet!  That's a nice workaround until spotify directly implements daily mixes for desktop environments. Thanks for the suggestion!


Brilliant....Just brilliant


I was able to get to work be choosing the device to run the list on once I started on my phone. It would be nice not to have to do that so you can see and choose the list no matter what device you are listening on. You do not need a Premium account for this which is great. 


well.. that's exactly how I do it... start a daily mix on my iphone, and then select "devices available" and play through my imac 🙂
works like a charm (when you have premium that is)


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Hello @olaorun67,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

Daily mix is only available for Android and iOS 🙂


If you have any other questions, let me know 🙂



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That sucks, I cant even imagine it to be difficult to show it on PC/mac, etc...


I have the free version on my PC and I have Daily Mix 1, but on my Android device I have 1, 2 and 3, so I have daily mix on pc but only 1.


i activated my premium at 6/9, but still cant find my daily mix till now, may i ask why and when can i get it on both my iphone and my mac app? thx for help!


Well that's short-sighted. They features should be available across all platforms based upon user. I purchased a premium membership and plan to use it mainly from the web and Windows app.

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Apologies, Dreadlord!

I see its sorted with the update