How do I find the "Your Daily Mix " on a Laptop/PC?


How do I find the "Your Daily Mix " on a Laptop/PC?

I noticed the "Your Daily Mix" lists that get presented to you when you use the cell phone app, but I don't see on the full desktop application on my laptop. Can someone tell me where I can find these when using the applicaiton on a Windows laptop?




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Hey there folks,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


On the desktop app, you can find Your Daily Mixes in Your Library under Made for You. 


For more info about Daily Mixes, we'd recommend taking a look at this support site article.


Keep in mind that if you're new to Spotify, it might take a bit before you see your Daily Mixes. There's more information about this at this Spotify Answer.


If you're having troubles seeing them on the desktop app, you can also check this Spotify Answer for some troubleshooting steps you can try. 


Hope this helps! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you'd like more help.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Hello @user-removed,


Welcome to Spotify Community!

Daily mix is only available for Android and iOS 🙂


If you have any other questions, let me know 🙂



Do you know if there is some reason for this or is it just the way the set it up? It seems odd that it is not available on all platforms.


Hey @user-removed,


It's the way it's set up, but why - that is something I don't know as well 😛

Not a fix but I saved the daily mix I was listening to on my phone to my playlists so I could continue to listening on my desktop. Not ideal, but it worked.


Spotify, we like this!!! Please add to the desktop versions too!

I don't see the option on my phone to save the Daily Mix. Is the option to save the list only available to paid users?


Hey @user-removed, if you tap the ellipsis button in the top right corner, there is an option to "Add to Playlist". Alternatively, if you have Premium, you can use Spotify Connect to transfer the listening session over to your desktop, which is really handy as a workaround!




Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂


well.. that's exactly how I do it... start a daily mix on my iphone, and then select "devices available" and play through my imac 🙂
works like a charm (when you have premium that is)



Another thumbs-up to get this feature added to the Desktop/Laptop version! Loving it! Seems to match songs so much better than just song radio 🙂




I believe there is no way to save a daily mix from the Android App. Is this correct?


I bet the issue here is that the mix will get more songs if you keep listening.


I found that if I start listening to the mix on my phone, I can switch the output to my laptop.

I was able to get to work be choosing the device to run the list on once I started on my phone. It would be nice not to have to do that so you can see and choose the list no matter what device you are listening on. You do not need a Premium account for this which is great. 



Do you know when this will be rolling out to the desktop apps? Seems a little odd to go mobile-only.


Hey @jmbehrens - at this stage there's no date set in stone, but fingers crossed it'll happen soon! You can give this idea a like on the Ideas Exchange to show your support:


I find it hard to keep paying for Spotify when little things like this are overlooked. It's always the little things that bug me with Spotify. You paid your developers to put this feature on mobile devices, but not on PC/MAC versions. This is clearly intentional though its not apparent why. I can't think of any reputable business that would conduct themselves this way.


Spotify: You are not Apple, and you never will be. You provide music... thats it. You are a glorified jukebox. Give users what they want instead of acting like your service is so good that we'll keep buying... because we won't. If you guys ever go public while conducting business this way, expect your stock to flop. You founded yourself by pissing off the artists that are the blood and backbone of your service, and you'll end up burying yourself by pissing off your users. I really hope you guys sell out to a company who is willing to do this thing right.


Agreed. I'd like to access them from the Sonos app as well.


You should really take a chill pill, is the lack of this feature something so deal breaking for you? It's a feature you didn't even know EXISTED. Besides people like it, so it's in Spotify best interest to put it in the web version, just wait a little.


I love Spotify, but I really don't understand some of the ridiculous decisions this company makes sometimes. Why would this feature only be available on phones? Would it really be that difficult to add it to the desktop app?


Really...why introduce a new playlist feature and NOT have it available on ALL apps, mobile, desktop or otherwise?


Makes absolutely no sense.


@RoyalScam wrote:

Really...why introduce a new playlist feature and NOT have it available on ALL apps, mobile, desktop or otherwise?


Makes absolutely no sense.

Would you rather it weren't released yet for the phone? I'm sitting here at work listening to spotify on my phone instead of my laptop so that I can use this new feature. As a software developer working at a small startup and trying to deliver new features that users want, while wasting as little time on new features they don't, I can see why this wasn't rolled out across the board all at once.

Often, you aren't sure whether a new feature will be used. You want to get it in the hands of customers ASAP to get feedback. In this case, the new daily mixes is pretty well received I believe. As a result, I suspect they will continue to add it to other Spotify clients. If the new daily mixes were terrible, they would have found this out before wasting time adding it to all the different clients capable of consumingh Spotify.


Contrast this with the way Spotify transitioned away from "likes", which was poorly done in my opinion.In that case, they removed a number of use cases with no replacement. I do appreciate how they listened to user feedback and fixed the issues I had with it quickly.


"As a software developer working at a small startup"


But Spotify AREN'T a small startup, they're a multibillion dollar company, and their millions of paying subscribers should have access to all features on all platforms where they use this service. You're making it sound like Spotify only employs one developer and they can't afford to have people simultaneously making updates to versions of the app on every platform.


People aren't paying for Spotify because it's the only streaming service available and we should be happy with whatever they give us. We pay for it because we like it more than all of the other streaming services, and decisions like this one aren't going to make their customers very happy.

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