How do I get rid of the "Recently played" tab on the home page or remove items from it


How do I get rid of the "Recently played" tab on the home page or remove items from it

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I usually just play a single playlist but today I accidentially double clicked a song on an artist's page and now the artist is listed at the Recently played tab while I highly prefer only my playlist would be there. I tried several things to get rid of it, I right-clicked the icon of the artist on the home page and clicked the three dots on the right and there was no option to remove it. I clicked "Recently played" on the menu on the left and removed everything except my playlist and that didn't do anything either. Nor did opening Spotify on mobile, going to the artist page and selecting "Stop playing songs from this artist". For some reason some playlists I've played once weeks or months ago are also among "Recently played on the front page" and I can't get rid of those either. I really hope there's some option to get rid of items on the Recently played tab I don't know about. Or just get rid of certain items in the home page entirely, the home page often takes ages to load when I start the desktop app, using a lot of CPU while it's loading, and the home page also randomly reloads while just shuffling front page items around, using a lot of CPU again. Maybe I'd benefit from just removing unneccesary tabs from the home page so it takes up less CPU.

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Hi there @Teletubbies64,

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Spotify is always improving and testing new features to make sure you get the best experience there is.


However, there's recently added active idea regarding what you're describing.

Make sure to add your +VOTE here and subscribe to it to get updates.


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