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How do I make a playlist that starts songs at specific times?

How do I make a playlist that starts songs at specific times?

Hello Spotify Community,


I am trying to create a playlist and have certain songs start at specific times in the song. I noticed that while listening to some Spotify-generated playlists, certain songs do not necessarily start and end for the full duration of the song. E.g. to create a continuous playlist, it would allow me to skip the intro of a song.




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Hi, Matthew

Unfortunately you can't select the specific time of when the song should start, but I think you are talking about "Crossfade" setting as well.

You can select it by going to "Edit" > "Preferences..." > "Show Advanced Settings" > "Playback".

You can activate the Crossfade function there, and select the timing from 0 to 12 seconds, that way you won't have those tiny short empty pauses between each song when you are listening to your favorite tracks and.

Let me know how it goes 😉

Hi, playlist has this feature - Can you turn on this function for normal users (Not only for DJs like Skrillex)? 


Hi, Bernyz!

Sounds good, I would suggest you posting your cool idea on Ideas forum here: and get the spotlight it needs.

Who knows, maybe it will be picked up soon by Spotify 😉

yeah agreed - half this dance music playlists, their tracks start like 20 seconds in. i'd like this too!



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