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How do I "Like" or "Favourite" a song - latest spotify premium

How do I "Like" or "Favourite" a song - latest spotify premium


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If I like a song I am listening to, how do I indicate that I Like it, or that it is one of my favourites? In a previous free version of Spotify I used to be able to click on a heart icon. Now, If I play a song for a couple of minutes and skip to the next, how does Spotify know that I do not like it? I keep getting rubbish in my Daily Mixes because I cannot tell Spotify that I specifically like a song.


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Hey there @acousticvillage,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


First let's clear things out together.

Out of the 3 "Made For You" features, the Daily mix is combined from songs you mostly listen to so i can only guess you're reffering to the other two - Release Radar and Discover Weekly.


You can gather more info on each feature visiting their offical help pages:

- Daily Mix

- Release Radar 

- Discover Weekly


Addressing your second question on how to let Spotify know what you like or don't like you can look at the pics i added:




Dont like.pngHope this helps, let me know if you have further questions 😃

Many thanks for going to the trouble of trying to help me. 

My problem is that the "Like" "Don't like" icons are simply not there! At the bottom of my screen there is only a + to save to library.
I am sure I have the updated version as I only re-downloaded yesterday. I include a screen shot where you can see there is no heart icon or "don't Like" icon....


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