How to play only liked songs in an album

How to play only liked songs in an album








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How do I play only liked songs in an album? Spotify removed option to remove songs from albums. There are many albums I've saved that contain both great and terrible songs at once. If I want to listen to an album I like on repeat with the songs I dislike skipped, how do I do that? Skipping the hideous songs manually once they start playing is not an option, neither is manually creating a playlist for every single album I've saved.


Will I have to cancel my premium membership and switch platform?

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Not sure how satisfying this answer is, but here's a methode to listen to only the liked songs from a certain album on repeat (as long as the album name doesn't overlap with any other artists, etc.)


1. Go to "liked songs".

2. Press "Ctrl+F", and type in the name of the album you want to listen to

3. Enable "repeat"

4. Press play.

Unfortunately not. The search is not explicit enough, so if you have multiple similarly named albums, it mashes them all together even if you search for the specific album to the exact letter 😞 

The filter is more sensitive than search, but if you meant filter when you said search, can you give some examples of albums the filter mash together?


Edit: I was able to get two albums mashed together when the difference in the name was a single letter/number (like "Album X: Vol. 1" and "Album X: Vol. 2"), but other than that they don't seem to become mashed up (though I didn't test it that much).



I have written precisely, to the letter, the name of the album I want to listen to yet it included other albums with similar name (marked red). That being said, even if this worked, it would be absolutel ridiculous way of listening to my favorite albums without the songs I dislike.


I've found a solution though. Google Play Music allows me to remove the songs like spotify used to, so I've cancelled my spotify premium and switched to Play Music.

Ah, now I see what you mean. Thanks for explaining! I get the same issue when I try with the "Crypt of the Necrodancer (Original Soundtrack)" not being able to filter away from  "Crypt of the Necrodancer Amplified (Original Soundtrack)".


There does indeed seem like there's any way to filter albums which doesn't contain non-overlapping words from eachother. I hope Google Play Music works out for you (and don't bring with it any other annoying things).

This is such an annoyance for me and an example of Spotify breaking something that worked perfectly fine for years. Why force people to save an entire album?


It seems updates just exist to break things or make them worse. Not sure why I bother with them.

Another option though equally inconvenient is to make a playlist for each album with only the songs you want.  I'm really impressed with Spotify's selection, but the inability to opt out of songs is a deal breaker for me especially learning they once had or at least partially had that feature and decided to remove it. 

Hi there @pitviper101,


Thanks for tuning in here! 


We understand you'd like to listen only to the songs you've actually liked from an album. 


A workaround to this would be to:


  1. Like (press the heart emoticon) for all the songs you like in the album. After that they will appear in your Liked Songs.
  2. From there you can press Ctrl + F simultaneously and write the name of the artist in the search field. 
  3. All of the songs from this artist will appear.

While not all of these would bee from the same album, at least they'll be the songs of the artist that you truly like.


We hope this helps to an extent for now. 


Let us know if you need help with anything else Spotify-related.


Have a wonderful day!


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