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How to play spotify URI (C#)

How to play spotify URI (C#)







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 I am developing a program in c#. With a copied spotify URI(IE spotify:track:2374M0fQpWi3dLnB54qaLX) entered in browser bar or otherwise sent a request to, spotify goes to the track or albulm, but does not actualy play it. What link will actualy play it, and in C#, what is the easiest way to Ping this link? Thanks!

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Hey @w-_nd17yngp5b


I think the article about Spotify's Play Buttons might give some useful information. I'm not sure how and what exactly you're trying, but I hope this will help. 🙂


The only time I've seen Spotify do autoplay is by copying a Spotify url (not uri) to browser's address bar, and then it will play the album/song/playlist automatically in the opened web player. Play buttons never do autoplay.


...Or do you mean by actually not playing, is that it won't play even when you push the play button?


Keep me posted. 🙂

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Hi, I should have mentioned what I wanted as an overall goal. What I want is for a given track/album ID, to in the user's desktop client, that given track/albulm to play. I noticed that entering a spotify uri opened to but did not play the song, and that led me to belive there was a uri format to play the song. This may be completely wrong. My overall question is: Is there, from a C# script running on the desktop, a way to tell the user's spotify desktop client to play a track/album. I tried to use, but cannot seem to get that to work (resolving that seprately).  

Your question was clear
@w-_nd17yngp5b did you find the argument to "play" through the URI? 

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