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How to stop doubled up songs in queue

How to stop doubled up songs in queue

So I begin to listen to my Liked songs and I look at the queue and see that it's queued the exact same song twice. It's not a different version from a different album, it's the same one because if I unlike it, both of them are unliked. If one plays, the other one is highlighted green like its playing too. I look further down the queue and it's happening with a random bunch of songs in queue - I tried exiting, and turning off and on, it's just a glitch.

To repeat, it isn't different versions of the same song, it is the exact song played twice. 

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Hey @kkianaddalton,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


To confirm, do you experience this on Desktop and/or Web player as well?


It'd be great to give a clean reinstall of the app a shot in case what happened is some easily fixable temporary error. Share some screenshots with us if the issue persists and we'll take a closer look.


Hope you'll find this useful. Cheers!

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I have a similar problem, where different chunks of my playlist repeat themselves (on the Web Player, the App functions normally), burying other songs, making them not appear on the playlist





Hi @NeoOmegav2492,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting.


Since this is happening only on the Web Player, please try using a different internet browser or an incognito window. Do you notice any difference?


If the issue persists, please send us the URI codes of a couple of songs that show repeated on your lists. This will help us investigate further.


Keep us posted.

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The problem happens in other web browsers, like Edge or Firefox.


But it is strange, when entering the page, the playlist looks normal, then in a split second, it replaces the last songs with the doubled up ones, sometimes dissapearing the newest added songs from the playlist


These are some of the URIs, but they change everytime I F5 the page







Hi @NeoOmegav2492,


Thank you for your reply!


It's very odd the behavior that's presenting your playlist. 


In this case, you can create a new playlist and copy all your songs there. Monitor it for a couple of days and check if the issue persists.


This can help us narrow down the issue and know if this is related to the playlist, or overall to your account.


We'll be on the lookout.

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When I add or move a song around in the queue, the last two songs in the queue are repeated. Example: if I move the 2nd song in the queue to the 3rd spot, song 82 in the queue will be added to the end of the queue when the currently playing song is over. The previously 83rd song will also be added after the next song is finished playing. The repeated songs also act very strangely. When I play them it will repeatedly add them to the start of the queue (songs will play in an a,b,a,b,a,b fashion until I reshuffle or change songs manually). I don't really know how else to explain the issue but I'm 99% certain this isn't supposed to be happening. I've also reinstalled Spotify but that didn't fix it.

Hi there @N1ght,


Thanks for reaching out. So that we can properly understand this behaviour, could you please send us a video recordin showcasing it? That would help us a lot. Also, please provide us the following:

  • The exact makes, models and OS versions of all your affected devices
  • The exact Spotify Versions you use.
  • When did this start happening?
  • Is this on all devices or only on specific one(s)?

With this information, we’d be happy to investigate.

Keep us posted.

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I noticed this happening sometime in the past week, can't say exactly when. I think it also started happening after an update but I'm not certain if that's the case. I did a quick test on my phone and the web player and the problem disappears on both. I've also had a problem with Spotify forgetting what's in the queue if I close the app but I think that is a known problem already.


I did a reinstallation as I said above, and a 2nd completely fresh install (deleted every Spotify file from my computer).


I also thought I would mention that I only have the songs that were repeated in the playlist once.


Device Specs

  • Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-Core Processor 4.00 GHz
  • Installed RAM 32.0 GB
  • System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Windows Specs

  • Edition Windows 10 Pro
  • Version 22H2
  • OS build 19045.2364
  • Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0

Spotify (Premium) for Windows


If you need any other info let me know.

Same problem.

Problem dissapear only when I change account to account without premium, but it have no sense to do it. So only waiting for next update or what? It looks so random.

Only works good on web player, I have noticed that if you change account to free one problem dissapear. No sense to do it. Only one to do is waiting for next update?

Same problem
I also noticed that if I switch to the Android app and change the queue through the Windows version it then causes the same effect until I sign out. From what I can tell these are the only effected versions, as the web player works fine on everything I've used for it.

I have now had a repeat of this same phenomenon and despite removing the repeating songs the new parts of the queue occasionally have the same thing happen




When selecting one of the repeating songs all instances of that same song also are selected



And the new parts of the queue having similar things happening



This is on the desktop app, but I haven't reshuffled or re-opened the app. I didn't notice when the behaviour started until it was already happening. Hope this can be fixed or people can find this useful.

Hi folks,


Thanks for the posts and the video recording.


We tried reproducing this on our end, but couldn't get the same results. 

Can you let us know if this duplication happens if you have only a few songs in the queue, or does it start happening after a certain number?



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I did some quick testing, and a playlist with 50 songs or more seems to cause the problem, and 40 or less I didn't notice a problem. The playlist in the video has over 370 songs right now. I also tested 260, 170, and 70 song playlists and the problem continued. 


I thought I would also mention this only happens when playing playlists and not adding individual songs to the queue. I was unable to recreate it with the "add to queue" feature only, it seems you have to be playing a playlist with over 50 songs and then "add to queue" an individual song or move the songs in queue around.


Enabling or disabling shuffle and repeat don't solve the issue either.


One thing I did notice is that the queue (when playing longer playlists) goes to 83 now. I'm pretty sure it used to only go to 81, so maybe that is something?

Problem wasn't on web player but today is it too. It's about that in queue are 83 tracks instead 81 and always two last are bugged (cuz they shouldn't be there) and repeating over and over. Nothing solving this, I only noticed that problem is not when I play playlist on free account. It's so annoying, of course I can not change queue and listen but if i have 300 song it have no sense. Below my example but it's the same.


Same issue here! It happens both on mobile and the web player. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that didn't seem to work.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community. 

In order for us to investigate this further, we'd need the Spotify version you're currently running. We can then relay the information to our tech team. 

Any additional details (such as device's make, model and OS) will be very helpful to our investigation as well. Sending a quick video of the issue would also come in handy. You can either attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor or upload it to Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to see it).

We'll be on the look for your replies.

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your replies and for the info shared.


@N1ght, we really appreciate the detailed explanation. We noticed in the video recording you kindly sent us that the playlist was downloaded. Did you notice if this is happening only on the playlist you download or does it happen in playlists with more than 50 songs even if not downloaded to play offline?


On another note, just to confirm, do you use a VPN? If yes, try switching it off and let us know if you see any difference. Is this happening if you change the internet connection you're using? Is this happening over WiFi? Ethernet? Both? If possible, you can create a hotspot from your phone and connect your computer to it, to see if you notice any difference. Give it a try and let us know if changing the connection makes any difference.

Lastly, we suggest you log out and log in twice in a row onto your Spotify account. This could sound a little bit odd, but this way the system will force a resync of your account in general.


@Kubs7pl, just to confirm, did you try reinstalling the app on your computer to check if you notice any difference? If you haven't yet, you can perform a clean reinstall of the app by following the steps in this article.


On another note, as mentioned before, do you use any sort of VPN? If yes, try switching it off and it'd be really helpful if you can try by changing the internet connection you're using to check if you notice any difference.


Keep us in the loop!

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