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I came home after a long day of working, and wanted to kick back with some music. I went to my search history to listen to some songs that I like, but which I do not want to add to any of my lists. I do this all the time and my search history was long. Now, they have changed the design of the Spotify software for Windows 10, and now you must go to your HOME tab on the left side, and they find RECENTLY PLAYED, and you know what, FINE, I do not mind doing that. But when I go to the recently played section, it does not show me the songs I have listened to previously as icons which I can play direclty. Instead it shows me the artist or album or playlist of that song as an icon, and now I must click to go to that page and find the song I want. What in Sam Hill are Spotify thinking??!!


They keep changing the design of their software (on phones as well) to make it less user friendly, and instead make it more cleverly designed to their liking so one is pulled to new artists and songs (songs which SPOTIFY think listeners should be listening to, remember the Drake thing on the start page? haha). So it is not updated to be more appealing to the user, but instead to trick the user to listen to crappy music whose careers Spotify aim to help. I want to listen to whatever I want as easy as possible. Spotify is just making it harder and harder, and they keep pushing me towards their competitors. I have been a paying Spotify customer for over 10 years, but when they make their software less user-friendly then I might have to change services. Let me listen to what I want, and not what Spotify wants!


Update: I noticed that in the SEARCH section it shows you recent searches, now that I had searched and played a song after the update. But just like I wrote above, it shows me the artist's icon only and that directs me to their page, and now I have to scroll and find the song again. 


ANOTHER UPDATE: I noticed now that if I search for a song, and I choose the first result that comes up under TOP RESULT, then I can find the song in search history and play that song directly instead of having to go to the page of the artist/album/playlist. But if the song in question is not the top result, and it should happen to be second or third under the SONGS category, then it will not be shown when I press search and see other songs I have searched and played for. I have attached an image to clarify. I hope Spotify fixes this. It is not always that your search result is the first song on the list of results.

Screenshot 2021-04-09 221341.jpg
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Agreed, this is definitely a loss no longer having search history, I used this feature often and am disappointed my search history has been lost. 

Not really a fan of the new search history, doesn't seem to work as reliably as the previous one.

Any response from spotify?

So far, nothing. I have seen on other threads that moderators ask for screenshots, and that one should do a clean reinstall, what does that mean? I uninstalled the software from Control Panel - Uninstall Programs, and then redownloaded the file and reinstalled. I geuss that is a clean reinstall. But the same thing is happening.


And just gave it another try. I searched for James Brown - Living in America (a song I have not listened to for a long time), and the song does not come up under the SEARCH section as search history, nor does James Brown appear in the HOME section under RECENTLY PLAYED. So there is really no sign at all that I have searched for this artist or song.

Hey there folks,


Thank you for your posts here in the Community.


@leoals - We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall and we’re constantly aiming to improve our features. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use Spotify like you wish to do at the moment.


You can read more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.


However - you should be able to see your search history.


As @leoals mentioned - we suggest that you perform a clean reinstall since that will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


If that doesn't do the trick, can you log in with another account - such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persist?

We'll keep an eye out for your replies.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Hello, and thank you for your reply!


Unfortunately, I still cannot find my previous searches. I have done a clean uninstall and reinstalled just like it is instructed in the link you posted. I will post two screenshots. I searched for a song (Otherside by Red Hot Chili P) and played it, and then I went to the SEARCH section and I cannot see that I have searched for that song, or any other song for that matter. And if I go to RECENTLY PLAYED in the HOME section, then it does not show up there either.


So am not exactly sure about what you refer to when you say that I should still be able to access my previous searches. Because when I go to the search section, I can only see categories of music which will then force me to listen to music that I do not want to listen to. 


Thank you for your time.


Best regards,


Screenshot 2021-04-13 180550.jpg
Screenshot 2021-04-13 180646.jpg

Hey @leoals


Thanks for your reply. 


Can you confirm if you were able to test this using a different account?


You can also give it a try using another internet connection. 


Let us know how it goes.

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Oh, yeah, sure. Would you like me to change apartments as well and try if it works better if I buy and move to a condominium?


I have a desktop PC with a fiber broadband connection. So don't know what other connections to try. And I live alone, so I only have my account to try on. I have to say, your solutions are not the most conveniant ones for fixing an issue that should not have been an issue to begin with.


Yours truly

Hi @leoals


Thanks for getting back to us and apologies for the inconvenience.


Keep in mind that we ask you to try different troubleshooting steps in order to narrow down the cause of the issue and continue investigating what might be causing this behavior.


In this case, we'd recommend creating a new test account here. This test will help us see if the issue is related to your main account. 


Keep us posted.


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No worries!


But I have tried with a new account which I created for test purposes, and also tried on the web player through Chrome, but I still cannot see any previous searches for songs that I have made. Whenever I go to the search section I just see what you see on the screenshot. I have also tried to access it while connecting my PC to a mobile hotspot, just to try another connection, and the issue persists.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 214432.jpg

Hi again @leoals


Thanks for keeping us in the loop. 


We've taken a deeper look at this and can confirm that it's currently not possible to recover your Search history.


We appreciate you taking the time to try our suggestions and to share your comments regarding this. We'll make sure to pass your feedback on to the right folks, as we always strive to improve your experience. 


If anything else comes up, you know where to find us. 


Take care.

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It is fine that I cannot recover my old searches, but I want to be able to access searches I make now, later today, tomorrow, etc. 


If this does not work then there is something wrong with your software. An update is needed, and I do not believe I am the only one with this issue. So should I expect a solution soon?

You have not given me a proper answer or a proper solution. Not even that you are working on it.


Your reply is as if I had bought a car and I cannot roll down the windows. The windows are not a vital part of the car for it to be able to run, but it is very important to have windows for many reasons. A car would not be pleasant to drive without windows. The same goes for your newest update. That I can access my search history is not necessary for Spotify to work, but it is very important for me to be able to access it as it is part of the experience.


I reverted to one of the old versions and lo and behold it works as it should. I search for a song, it comes up in my search history, it is titled as a song/album/playlist, and so on and so forth. Why you have to change something that was working fine is what really amazes me.


You guys should check the messageboards online. People are not liking your changes, and people are very close to cancelling your service. I have YouTube Music as well, and they offer more music than you guys ever could, and I am very close to just keeping their subscription and cancelling yours. I have been keeping Spotify for over 12 years since I likeD your service, it was conveniant, and you made it all user friendly. But why would I keep a service if I do not like the experience and I have another service that offers what you do and more? Whoever is sitting up in that board room really needs to be fired.

Screenshot 2021-04-15 110212.jpg
Screenshot 2021-04-15 110227.jpg

Hey @leoals,


Thanks for your posts.


We understand where you're coming from and have made sure that your feedback has reached the right team. We've gotten word from the folks there that with the recent update items will appear in your recent searches if you've navigated to them, but not if you've played them directly from search. Yours and similar reports will be taken in to consideration when discussing future updates, as we value your opinion and vision how the app should function.


We encourage you to write any other feedback you may have on the ne design here. We've also posted an FAQ about this update, make sure to have a look for some useful info regarding these changes.


Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!

Mihail Moderator
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Dude, cut the sh*t out. These forums are filled with requests and ideas to fix your broken software, and you guys DO NOT LISTEN because you want to MAXIMISE PROFITS!!!


So I have to wait for a future update for you to fix a very simple thing. Nice job! Damn you guys are lame!

I'm responding to this thread, simply for the fact that everything leoals is saying, I agree with 1000%.

PLEASE spotify, update this shitty change, and let us see our search history.


Don't make us regret paying for your services!

2 years later and still prefer using youtube to play music video's on my desktop rather than spotify for the very reason that I have a search history of what I have played in the past....

Meanwhile the phone app still seems to have the search history, which is great.

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