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I actually WANT the overlay

I actually WANT the overlay

Hey! So I see a lot of people complaining about the Windows 10 desktop overlay (The thing with the volume slider next to it). I recently installed Windows 10 Pro, and have found out the overlay is for Windows 10.



I meet that requirement, I have Windows 10 Pro.

I have spotify version 1.0.66, i've seen people say an option to enable/disable in advanced option preferences was put in somewhere around 1.0.4, but I happen to have none.


Any ideas?

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Under Preferences>Display Options I can check Show desktop overlay when using media keys. Is that what you're looking for?

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It might be, but I don't even have that option.



i dont see the option either.  the version i have is

I like having it too, I wish I could help mine is there but what I am wanting is an option to pin the overlay. I want a hotkey or something so I can hide and show it as I please or have a widget idk. I have multiple monitors and I would gladly keep it there almost always if I can choose where to position it. Is this possible? I don't always have my keyboard at hand reach and it can be very hard to pause and play/switch songs when that is the case but with the mouse, if I could sometimes keep the overlay there it's much easier. I know it sounds odd to not always have my keyboard there but I move it when I'm working on my digital art tablet.

Exaclty. My option only allows the overlay "when using media keys," but my laptop doesn't have skip, pause, play keys built in. I wish we could turn the overlay on without having to have the media keys!


You can use the Windows Game Bar by pressing (Windows + G) to open the overlay and in the options on the top of the game bar, you can enable the Spotify widget which is very easy to navigate.

Screenshot (11).png

Sorry I know this thread is old as **bleep** but I figured out a way to always have an overlay. If you follow the above comment on how to access the Xbox Gamebar, you can then click the little push pin on the Spotify overlay and it will always be on your desktop, even when Gamebar is closed. Hope this helps.



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