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I can't change my profile picture. Help!


I can't change my profile picture. Help!

So, i've been using Spotify premium for a few months. The thought of sharing your favorite playlists with other people and personalizing your account was amazing, i tried to upload a picture to my profile. It didn't accept my pictures, so i tried a random picture just to see if i can upload. It did. But i can't change it now and i've tried every way to change it, i deleted the app on my laptop and re-download it, i've tried it on a different laptop etc. Nothing worked. Please help me.

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I have the same problem others have described. Uploaded a picture via the change button on the pc app. I want to change the picture now but the change button doesnt do anything now. Doesnt make a difference if im on my pc or macbook.

I think the best solution to wait it out a bit and come back later. I had a similar issue a while back and left it alone, and it worked a few days later. 

If you didn't know, you can also change the profile picture by syncing your spotify and facebook accounts. 

Good luck!

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Recieved application update. Photo is fixed now.  Thank you!

Same problem...Grrrrr!!!

Yup, same problem...Grrrrr!!!

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Guys, Spotify just released an update. You can change it now! Hope this works, as it did for me!

Where can i find the update?

Yeah, would have been good of them to explain that:

Open the desktop program, go to Help, About and the link is there.

I do not see the "about" option in the help drop-down. I have tried searching it as well, but to no avail.

If you are on the desktop app, click the dropdown menu next to your name. There should be a little blue dot next to it. One the menu appears, there should be something that says "update".

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.06.31 PM.png

Mine does not have any sort of blue dot or update notification

It works! They did an update. 

Mine still does not work!!!

Still doesn't work. Changed my profile picture from the desktop app, now clicking on "change" again just does nothing.

The new update worked for me!


For Mac users, go to the top and click on "Spotify", "About Spotify", and there should be something that tells you there's a new update and a link to do so. For me, I had to wait quite a long time until the update finally finishes downloading and keep in mind that you have to restart Spotify to install it.


Good luck!

The update has worked. Thanks for fixing this Spotify! 🙂

I'm really surprised that you fixed the error! Nice work.

Nope!!! Mine still not changing 😞

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Success at last! The BLUE DOT appeared (next to username in top right corner of desktop) and, when I clicked on the drop-down, it allowed me to install update. Once done, the "Change" option under my profile pic allowed me to remove it...AT LAST!!! Thanks Spotify and THANKS COMMUNITY for alerting them via this thread 😄 Good Luck to everybody else on here.

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It's finally fixed! Thanks Spotify!

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