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I can't see some of my friends' activity

I can't see some of my friends' activity






MacBook Pro 2011, IMac 2011, HP Elitebook

Operating System

Mojave and Windows professional


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I have followed ther same list of friends on Spotify for more than a year. Suddently, about 2 weeks ago, I can't see some of those friends anymore (about half my list). They are all premium subscribers ans are telling me they can't see me either. The friends I can't see are not on private session and all have sharing with friends enabled. Every sharing settings are also enabled for me. I can see them on the 3 desktops I use. Why can't I see them? How do I see them again? I uninstalled Spoitfy and did a clean install. Nothing changed. I also tried restarting my machines., it did not do the trick. It's also worth mentionning that when I try searching for new friends, it gives me an error. My account is connected to Facebook

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