I can't sort by length


I can't sort by length








iPhone SE, Windows 10 Lapto

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windows 10


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 I can't sort playlists by length, on my iPhone or on the laptop. I look it up online and according to posts I should be able to at least on my laptop but there is no sorting/duration icon on my playlists. I see the option to sort it by name, album, artist, etc but no sort by length. It's really irritating because I'm trying to make playlists for certain time periods. Has this feature been removed?

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Hey there @avalonia,

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I'm adding this help guide on "Sort and Filter" for further info.

If none of the signs are presented on the Spotify app you're using, please perform a full uninstall and reinstall of the Spotify app to make sure you using the latest Spotify version there is and try again.


Please let me know if you need further help 😃

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Re: I can't sort by length

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I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and that did not help. Still cannot sort by song length

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I have the same issue, I asked some of my friends too, they encounter the same thing.

I'm not being able to sort "Liked songs" by track duration anymore, the other icons (alphabetical, artist, album, added date) are highlighting when hovering them, and work when cliked, but not the clock icon.

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I'm having the same issue. Clock icon is not clickable in my "liked songs". Is there a fix to this? Sorting by song length should be a given...