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I have spotify premium. How do I tell spotify I don't like a song?

I have spotify premium. How do I tell spotify I don't like a song?

I'm in a Daily Mix. I don't like a song, but when I click on the three dots next to the song, the only options I have are: Add to playlist; Save to your Liked Songs; Add to queue; Go to song radio; Go to Artist; Go to album; Show credits; and Share. How do I let spotify know I don't like ti?
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Hey @keithdg,


While there isn't currently a way to dislike a song, you can hide it in the mobile app so that it doesn't play in that particular playlist/album on your device. Just go to the song's location and tap the three dots menu > Hide song.


Here are other ways you can improve the recommendations you get from Spotify:


1.) Exclude playlist from taste profile

You can exclude playlists from your taste profile so that when you play them, the app won't take them into account for future suggestions:

  1. Open the playlist and tap the three dots menu (right-click if you're on desktop).
  2. Select Exclude from taste profile.

2.) Not interested

On the mobile app, you can curate the content in the Music feed of your Home screen. In case you find a suggestion that doesn't interest you, you can mark is as Not interested. More info here.


3.) Don't play this artist

On the mobile app, you can open the artist's profile and select Don't play this artist. This will prevent Spotify from playing their music.



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Thank you!  I should be able to work with this.


It's February 2024, and these options no longer exist - or they don't exist on Desktop. I can't tell which, the interface options change so often. 

The curated playlists like "Good Morning Playlist" has all kinds of music I don't care for, but there doesn't seem to be any option to refine my tastes here. The three dots menu next to the tracks I don't like don't give me any options to hide an artist or exclude them from my taste profile. 


I hope you bring back the thumbs down, or some other way to tell this app what music I don't want to hear. 

This is madness. Spotify shoves this one song down my throat almost every day and I f------ hate it. I hate it. It drives me f------ nuts. If I'm, say, cooking and letting Spotify run, it will play this song, and I hate this song so much that I feel like I must act on this visceral urge to drop everything I'm doing, run to my desktop device, and skip it. 


I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to react so strongly to a song, but Spotify forces it on me so much that I've developed new feelings of hatred for a piece of music. Hand on heart, I would rather you strap headphones to my head so I can't take them off, turn the volume up to the max, and play "Surfin' Bird" in one ear and "The Chipmunk Song" in the other ear at the same time over listening to this song.


Thank god I found this thread, so I could block this artist on the mobile app, but given that the feature exists there, it a) can't be insurmountably hard to implement on desktop, and b) Spotify can't be ideologically opposed to giving their users the power to do this.


Please, for the love of god, implement this feature on desktop.

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