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I'm having troubles with the music.

I'm having troubles with the music.

Hello Spotify, I need help with your app.

Everytime I play music on your app, the music gets mixed up (because I have it in alphabetical order) so if I play a song for example "4U" by Aero Chord and I transition to the next song, It will play "B.O.B" by G-Buck instead of the song underneath the first song.

I think it has to do with crossfading the songs but I might be wrong.

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Hey @SoulDestroying, welcome to the Spotify Community!


If you only have the free version of Spotify, you're unable to choose the order in which songs play, it only "shuffles" the songs.

If you do have premium, you can turn shuffle on and off in the playback bar.

In the bar, you should see an icon with two arrows pointing to the right crossing over each other. When that icon is highlighted green, it means shuffle mode is on, and if you click it again it should turn grey, meaning shuffle is off.


I hope I was able to help!


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I do have that turned off but the problem still occurs.

This happens to me all the time in the web player using Microsoft Edge. Sometimes the player stops playing all together, and when I hit refresh, it'll pick up 30 seconds into the song, as if the player thought it was actually playing. 

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